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New & upcoming release list 8/24/10

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New & Upcoming Release list 8/24/10


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Brand New Exclusives - Street Date 8/24/2010...
JAMES BLACKSHAW "All Is Falling" (Young God - YG 42) CD   (UPC: 658457004227 - CDBLACKAll)
JAMES BLACKSHAW "All Is Falling" (Young God - YG 42) LP   (UPC: 658457004210 - LPBLACKAll)
***RECEIVED A 7.8 rating from Pitchfork.
CRYSTAL ARK "Tangible Presence of the Miraculous" (DFA - DFA2258) 12"   (UPC: 829732225815 -   LPCRYSTTang)
VENETIAN SNARES "My So-Called Life" (Timesig - TIMESIG 001) DBL.LP   (UPC: 600116800114 - LPVENETMy S)
EFTERKLANG "Tripper + Springer (Special Edition)" (Leaf - BAY 40 CDX) DBL.CD   (UPC: 843190004058 - CDEFTERTrsp)
EFTERKLANG "Parades + Under Giant Trees (Special Edition)" (Leaf - BAY 58 CDX) DBL.CD  (UPC: 843190005857 - CDEFTERParUn)
MAN'S GIN "Smiling Dogs" (Profound Lore - PFL 064) CD   (UPC: 884501364966 - CDMANS Smil)
INTELLIGENCE "Males" (In The Red - ITR 192) CD   (UPC: 759718519228 - CDINTELMale)
INTELLIGENCE "Males" (In The Red - ITR 192) LP   (UPC: 759718519211 - LPINTELMale)
THE HEADS "Relaxing with the Heads" (Rooster - ROOSTER 015) DBL.CD   (UPC: 823566501220 - CDHEADSRela)
LIMES "Rhinestone River" (Goner - 59 GONE) CD  (UPC: 600385202824 - CDLIMESRhin)
LIMES "Rhinestone River" (Goner - 59 GONE) LP   (UPC: 600385202817 - LPLIMESRhin)
CHRISTIAN MISTRESS "Agony and Opium" (20 Buck Spin - SPIN 038) CD   (UPC: 721616803822 - CDCHRISAgon)
CHRISTIAN MISTRESS "Agony and Opium" (20 Buck Spin - SPIN 038) LP   (UPC: 721616803815 - LPCHRISAgon)
DJ NATE "Hatas Our Motivation" (Planet Mu - ZIQ 281) 12"   (UPC: 600116828118 - LPDJ NAHata)
IKONIKA "DCKHDBTCH" (Planet Mu - ZIQ 282) 12"   (UPC: 600116828217 - LPIKONIDCKH)
SOLAR BEARS "Inner Sunshine" (Planet Mu - ZIQ 269) 12"   (UPC: 600116826916 - LPSOLARInne)
CHAP "Even Your Friend" (Lo Recordings - LO 708) 7"   (UPC: 730003470806 - 07CHAPEven)
TIDELAND "Asleep in the Graveyard" (Robotic Empire - ROBO 095) LP   (UPC: 798546251214 - LPTIDELAsle)  
***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! TIDELAND is a grunge / punk rock three-piece from Sterling, Virginia-the same cauldron of suburban wretchedness that birthed the members' previous bands PG.99, SAIL and PIZZA. Their debut LP Asleep in the Graveyard is a hazy, melodic sonic assault with caustic vocals pouring like poison syrup over eleven songs of grungy/poppy punk. Catchy yet dirty, the album walks a tightrope between digestible and destructive. Only 400 copies available for retail. No exports to the UK/Europe
MATTHEW DEAR "Black City" (Ghostly International - GI 120) CD   (UPC: 804297812021 - cddear black)
MATTHEW DEAR "Black City" (Ghostly International - GI 120) LP+CD   (UPC: 804297812014 - lpDEAR BLACK)
***Received an 8.4 Best New Music Rating from Pitchfork
ROYAL TRUX "Cats and Dogs" (Drag City - DC 32) CD   (UPC: 781484003229 - cdroyalcats)
ROYAL TRUX "Cats and Dogs" (Drag City - DC 32) LP   (UPC: 781484003212 - LProyalcats)
***REISSUED!!! Cats and Dogs hit the street in June of '93 and represented a quantum leap from everywhere ROYAL TRUX had previously broadcast from. Their innate feel for disparate styles had been demonstrated over the course of three wildly diverse albums, but Cats and Dogs wove diversity expertly throughout its eleven songs, all united by an interest in rhythmic rock and roll. There was the mulch of grunge, a lean stand of retro-soul, plumes of psychedelic vapor and a thudding post-garage all of which was flung out venomously as if owed to no-one. It sounded like fun-the laughs that had always been encoded in Trux songs were warmer this time around. Their planet had drawn eerily close to earth; we were almost able to read the signs from where we stood. No Export to Europe.
NEIL HAMBURGER "Hot February Night" (Drag City - DC 437) LP   (UPC: 781484043713 - LPHAMBUHot)
***Who says there are no second-acts in show-biz? The same person who claimed there's no crying in comedy, probably-and NEIL HAMBURGER has proven him wrong once again. Left for dead more than once in a career that has spanned literal decades, Neil is back on top and waiting for that next wave that will supposedly pull him under again. In 2007, Neil Hamburger experienced what some would call the high point of his career to date, playing Madison Square Garden and other big arenas of performance infamy all around the United States. This was no miracle; after all, people weren't coming to see Neil; he was opening for popular rock act Tenacious D. Once the crowds heard some of his classic routines, however, Neil gained a great deal of exposure-exposed once again as America's Funnyman in front of roaring crowds of Americans. Naturally, there were a few bad apples in the barrel, and Neil did what any professional would do-slaying the hecklers with their own sword of crass, unmannered profanity. Now it's your turn-fire up the hi-fi and place this special phonograph LP on the platter. Then mix a couple drinks and listen to America's Funnyman, Neil Hamburger, as he lives and dies the comedy life that all the greats have lived, too. Hot February Night is truly a brush with greatness. What will Neil do for an encore? No Export to Europe.
BORIS "Amplifier Worship" (Southern Lord - SUNN 24) DBL.LP   (UPC: 808720002416 - LPBORISAmpl)
(STREET DATE - 8/31/2010)
***REISSUED ON VINYL!!! The second album from Japans' most eclectic and heavy band ever! They took the bludgeon of the first album and crafted it into song structures creating a often imitated blue print for band to follow in the future! Essential! Limited edition pressing on 180-gram vinyl packaged in gatefold sleeves.
BORIS "Absolutego" (Southern Lord - SUNN 10) DBL.LP   (UPC: 808720001013 - LPBORISAbso)
(STREET DATE - 8/31/2010)
***REISSUED ON VINYL!!! The debut full length album from BORIS. Heavier than time. Limited edition pressing on 180-gram vinyl packaged in gatefold sleeves.
SUPER WILD HORSES "Fifteen" (HoZac - HZR 060) CD   (UPC: 655035186023 - CDSUPERFift)
SUPER WILD HORSES "Fifteen" (HoZac - HZR 060) LP   (LPSUPERFift)
***HoZac Records is proud to announce the much anticipated debut album by Melbourne duo SUPER WILD HORSES. It's rare that such a striking balance between tough and tender can be executed as well as it has on this long-player, bridging post-punk simplicity with savagely primitive propulsion, all wrapped up in a scratchy indie-pop envelope, sealed and delivered right into your vulnerable skull. Super Wild Horses are two Melbourne gals who switch between guitar, drums and keyboard. Formed in 2009, they play taut, minimal and decidedly garage based pop music that relies heavily on dual harmonies over sparse arrangements. The band's debut album, Fifteen is a heady concoction of hits, from the softly crushing sunny pop tracks that seduce and mesmerize on contact, to the impossibly catchy, noise-laden numbers that channel these ladies' choppy expertise of stripped-down tension and texture. Recorded by ECSR's MIKEY YOUNG, this breakthrough album perfectly captures the chunky guitar/drum wallop and ripe vocal melodies. Truly an original sound in these modern times, which reflects nuances of alt-pop heroes from Dolly Mixture to The Breeders to later-era Bikini Kill, with all the hooks in between. Don't miss their maiden US Tour this September, along with a special appearance at Gonerfest in Memphis, and the Maximum Freedom Fest near Sacramento.
v/a "HOOKUP KLUB ROUND ONE" (HoZac - HZR 050) CD   (UPC: 655035185026 - cdhookup1)
v/a "HOOKUP KLUB ROUND ONE" (HoZac - HZR 050) LP   (lphookup1)
***Yes, its finally here, all on one handly format for accessing the hottest cuts from the first Round of the HoZac singles club, along with two previously unreleased BONUS TRACKS by TEEPEE and IDLE TIMES. This compilation spans the first ten elusive subscription-only 7-inch records released from 2009-2010, featuring rare tracks by DUM DUM GIRLS, WOVEN BONES, BOX ELDERS, FLIGHT, WHITE MYSTERY, TEEPEE, IDLE TIMES, MOTHER OF TEARS, ART THIEVES, and TEETH (the elusive Blank Dogs/Spider side project), and is not to be missed.
WIZZARD SLEEVE "Make the World Go Away" (HoZac - HZR 044) CD   (CDWIZZAMake)
***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! Just as the harrowing chill of summer's slow death drifts across the land, the skin-crawling death-punk masterpiece debut LP from Alabama's confederate glue-wave goth 'tards, WIZZARD SLEEVE hits the shelves and drags all the sinister vibrations from the ugly side of psychedelia right up front where it belongs. As their influences have cited, and the self-described trinity of Chrome, Crime and Creedence settles into place in your chemically-damaged skull, and the unexpectedly danceable hits from their string of vile, self-depreciating 7-inch singles are reborn with a devastatingly murky effect that will drag you down into a hole faster than any over-the-counter anti-anxiety cocktail you've ever ingested. Like Peter Murphy sucking on a tailpipe, Wizzard Sleeve are the end of the line for your happy good times and the start of a new atrocious standard in head-expanding, zooed-out and shut-in true punk weirdness that won't be getting many brownie points with mom, dad, church leaders, or parole officers anytime soon.
SUN ARAW "Heavy Deeds" (Not Not Fun - NNF 169) LP   (LPSUN Aheav)
***BACK IN PRINT!!! SUN ARAW (aka CAMERON STALLONES of MAGIC LANTERN) delivers a new album to coincide with an extensive European tour with Pocahaunted.
SMITH WESTERNS "Smith Westerns" (Fat Possum - FP 1227) CD   (UPC: 767981122724 - cdsmithwestern)
(STREET DATE - 8/31/2010)
***REISSUED!!! The debut full-length from Chicago's SMITH WESTERNS now reissued on Fat Possum. With their metamorphosis from a sloppy teenage punk mess into a full-fledged glam pop explosion, this is one incredible leap of progress. Lovers and haters both will agree, and if you haven't tuned in to their latest recordings, it might cause a jolt of euphoric confusion that you can really warm up to, as you marvel at their fastidious growth while digging through the outer fringes of rock'n roll's vast well of influences. Straddling the fine line between the misty-eyed feyness of Brett Smiley and Milk'n'Cookies, with the slithering macho grunt of Marc Bolan's silk pajamas tied around Alvin Stardust's throat, it's nothing short of a modern Summer classic power pop album. Received a 7.7 rating from Pitchfork.
SONNY & THE SUNSETS "Tomorrow Is Alright" (Fat Possum - FP 1225) CD   (UPC: 767981122526 - CDSONNYTomo)
(STREET DATE - 8/31/2010)
***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! These busted beach-pop songs spark recollections of doo wop's otherworldly despair, the kitchen sink savoir fair of the Raincoats and the positive possibilities exuded by Jonathan Richman. THE SUNSETS have featured a revolving door lineup that has included KELLEY STOLTZ and JOHN DWYER, but now features players from CITAY, FRESH & ONLYS and SKYGREEN LEOPARDS in its ranks. Received an 8.0 rating from Pitchfork.
CLIENTELE "Minotaur" (Merge - MRG 397) CD   (UPC: 673855039725 - CDCLIENMino)
(STREET DATE - 8/31/2010)
***Minotaur is a thirty-minute mini album featuring eight new tracks from THE CLIENTELE. Limited to one thousand copies, Minotaur includes a spoken word piece by JAMES HORNSEY and a first in The Clientele's canon: track written by MARK KEEN. Following their most successful North American tour to date (during which they performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), The Clientele return to the US in September 2010 for a string of West Coast shows that begins with Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival. In October 2009, The Clientele's Bonfires on the Heath was released on Merge Records. Pitchfork called it "an indian summer record if ever there was one, music for the dizzying strangeness of unseasonable warmth as the trees begin to brown and sweaters come out of storage."
FILM SCHOOL "Fission" (Hi-Speed Soul - HSS 1036) CD   (UPC: 694968103622 - CDFILM Fiss)
(STREET DATE - 8/31/2010)
***Not often do you find a band who has experienced success yet still has the desire to explore new sonic directions. Los Angeles' FILM SCHOOL, a band who released two critically acclaimed album on Beggars Banquet, played sold out shows across Britain with Mercury Prize nominees British Sea Power, toured Europe with The National, headlined multiple North American tours, and was hand-picked by UK legends Swervedriver to open their 2008 North American reunion tour, felt like mixing things up a bit this time around. Fission is an album of clarity, energy, and change. One of the most notable differences on this album is the more prominent vocal presence of bassist LORELEI PLOTCZYK. The result is a dynamic mix of songwriting by BERTENS, Plotczyk and RUCK with help from guitarist DAVE DUPUIS and drummer JAMES SMITH. Full North American Tour Sept 19th-Oct 21st. No Export to Japan and Portugal.
THE BODY "All The Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood" (At A Loss - AAL 033) CD   (UPC: 616822094327 - cdbody all)
***For 10 years the rumors have slowly spread from the Mid-South through the New England region of the United States of a group, known as THE BODY, declaring war on all they consider "FALSE" through rituals involving solid state amplification and jolting percussion. Their latest addition to the arsenal against the contrived is All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood. The duo has allied itself with the Assembly Of Light Choir And Members Of Bands As Varied As Bonedust, Callers, Dead Times, Fang Island, Human Beast, Lichens, Made In Mexico, Otesanek, Trtrkmmr, What Cheer Brigade And Work/Death. Received an 8.5 rating from Pitchfork.
SERGE GAINSBOURG & JANE BIRKIN "Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg (Je T'Aime ...Moi Non Plus) (Light In The Attic - LITA 048) LP+7"   (UPC: 826843004817 - LPGAINSJane)   
SERGE GAINSBOURG & JANE BIRKIN "Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg (Je T'Aime ...Moi Non Plus) (Light In The Attic - LITA 048) CD   (UPC: 826853004824 - CDGAINSJane)
(STREET DATE - 8/24/2010)
***NOWAVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! RECEIVED AN 8.8 BEST NEW REISSUE RATING FROM PITCHFORK!!! Light In The Attic Records is thrilled to announce their reissue of 1969's JANE BIRKIN/SERGE GAINSBOURG album, often referred to as Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus. Recorded as a series of duets and solo performances with lover, actress, and model Birkin, the pair's chemistry-enhanced collaboration was thrust upon the record buying public to much shock and horror, but indeed found global success. The disc quickly shot its cigarette brandishing author and fresh-faced vocalist into the international spotlight; and although lead-off single "Je T'aime" and its seductive purrs reached top slot in the UK charts, none other than the Pope branded the tune offensive and blasphemous. Ever the conversationalist, Gainsbourg wittily replied, "we couldn't have gotten a better PR man!" Indeed Serge, indeed. Adding the period bonus track "Chanson de Slogan," the eleven-song Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg is finally seeing the light of day on CD for the first time in North America. The release is replete with a 32-page full color booklet, original art, English/French lyrics, audio re-mastering by DAVE COOLEY, and extensive liner notes, featuring an exclusive interview with the lovely and graceful Birkin who helps to provide new insight on this landmark album. LP includes a bonus 7-inch.
DRUID PERFUME "Tin Boat to Tuna Town" (Bumbo - BUMBO 01) LP   (LPDRUIDTin)
***"There is a stock scene in movies set in colonized countries in the '60s and 70s: A journalist or adventurer or doctor or spy, fresh in the country, goes from plane to taxi cab. The cab swerves through the city, stealing space from bicycles, scooters, buses, and donkey carts. People dodge the car, the car dodges animals. Tires groove into mud and dung, hit concrete and lurch forward. Lights crackle and explode from black & white to color to blindness. Now make music out of that visual. Imagine horns lurching forward like an elephant drunk on palm wine. Guitars slither asp-like and sting. Over a tight flash of a rhythm section barks the town seer. This is how I hear Tin Boat to Tuna Town, the second album by DRUID PERFUME. A couple years ago, this Detroit five piece released a stunning debut on PIGS, followed by three killer 45s on the X! and Italy Records label. All were snatched up and raved about. I am sure the same excitement will meet Tin Boat to Tuna Town, their best record yet. Members of Druid Perfume have served time in the much acclaimed PIRHANAS and other outfits including a short stint with rock & roll legend KIM FOWLEY, which sounds about right. They've played a bunch of shows in the past and are hitting parts of the US right now. Check them out, buy Tin Boat to Tuna Town. There's no band around like them."-Scott Soriano, July 2010
BLACK TIME "More Songs About Motorcycles and Death" (Wrench - WRENCH 28) LP   (LPBLACKMore)
***BLACK TIME are a London band that have been going for a number of years now, playing ultra-loud, noisy punk influenced by bands such as the Electric Eels, Functional Blackouts and Cramps. They released their debut LP on their own label in 2004 and have released a number of records since then, on labels such as In The Red, Yakisakana, Bancroft and P.Trash. They did a tour of the Western USA in late 2009, playing a total of 12 gigs in places including San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Portland, Davis and Seattle. They also performed a live set on KFJC FM (Los Altos). Six killer songs. UK import.
aTELECINE "And Six Dark Hours Pass" (Dais - DAIS 015) LP   (LPaTELEAnd)
***"...sometimes difficult and sometimes confrontational but always true to who we are , if even in a fantasy..." Easily the most asked about and anticipated release on Dais this summer, aTELECINE is famed performance artist and porn actress SASHA GREY along with PABLO ST. FRANCIS and ANTHONY D'JUAN. After causing a stir with their first release on Pendu Arts last year, aTelecine return with an LP on Dais continuing their course through brooding intimate soundscapes.
VENEREANS "Future Primitive" (Tic Tac Totally - TTT 028) LP   (UPC: 655035162812 - LPVENERFutu)
***THE VENEREANS deliver the odd concoction of hardcore and surf, which is not their only the bizarre mode of operation, but the fact they are from Valencia Spain gives another layer of cool vibes to it. Now, whatever you're thinking, rest assured this is some solid, rippin' and great mid-paced hardcore, with enough surf guitar riffs to render some sunny vibes too. Pretty awesome interpretation from members of LE JONATHAN REILLY. Limited quantity available.
PEARL HARBOR "Puro Instinct" (Gloriette - GL 003) 12"    (LPPEARLPuro)
***BACK IN STOCK!!! The follow-up to last year's debut vinyl release, a second EP with four more perfect California  Soviet (?) dream-pop cuts from sisters PIPER & SKYLAR K, including the new hit "Slivers Of You," as well as the B-side sedative treatment of Berkeley hard-rock decathlon musician Leland Yoshitsu's "I've Got Some Happiness."  The EP was co-produced by LA wonderboi COLE MGN. Since recording the record, the band has changed its name to PURO INSTINCT and are on tour with Ariel Pink.
***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! Don't let the cover art fool you. This is not a Beach Boy's parody album sung by a "special" boy and his musical cat. This is TODD CONGELLIERE's (F.Y.P., TOYS THAT KILL, et al.) Clown Sounds + Clown Frowns. Twenty-three songs by Todd recorded throughout the past few years in the Recess Records Clown Sound Studio (converted garage). Some of these songs have appeared on other record labels in the form of a split cassette with Jacob Hamilton (Clown Frown-People's Republic Of Rock And Roll) and two 7-Inch's (People In The Sand-Ol' Tennis Shoes / Dangerous Intersections Vol. III-Traffic Street). Edition of 500 copies.
***"In the grand pantheon of rocknroll, this is the first pairing of GRABASS CHARLESTONS and TOYS THAT KILL. Weird, huh? Five glorious songs by each band, amongst them one Joy Division and on Onion Flavored Rings cover song! Three or four years in the making, it is no accident that this amazing LP is released at the dawning of a brand new tour that Grabass Charlestons is currently embarked upon. Many records were harmed in the making of this record."-No Idea. First pressing on colored vinyl. Includes download code.
PAUL BARIBEAU "Unbearable" (No Idea - NIR 282) LP   (LPBARIBUnbe)
***"Troubadour extraordinaire PAUL BARIBEAU breaks the chains that bind and unleashes a mind-melting hardcore blast of fury and bile! Okay, maybe that's taking it a little far, but on top of the classic singer-songwriter approach, there is at least one ripping electric guitar solo. There are definitely ten songs on this thing and they are certainly choice cuts. Paul has nowhere to hide and rocks out, acoustic style. Have you ever met the guy? He's fantastic. I mean that. He has played with fancy folks that you have heard of and has toured endlessly, sweeping the land far and wide. Michigan, what's up with all your great bands?"-No Idea. First pressing on colored vinyl. Includes download code.
FIYA "Magic Words" (No Idea - NIR 274) LP   (LPFIYAMagi)
***"Magic Words is a short, fast blast of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration... an exciting kick-in-the-ass that encourages active participation, balanced with thoughtful contemplation! FIYA is a Gainesville, Florida collection of siblings, housemates, and neighbors who have been touring and recording for several years. Magic Words is the band's most focused effort: the songs are fast (and medium), melodic punk and the lyrics navigate the ways people try to imagine, articulate, and work towards a more compassionate world. Urgent and uplifting, raw and refreshing! Wrap that up with stunning art by NATE POWELL!"-No Idea. First pressing on colored vinyl. Includes download code.
v/a "SHANGAAN ELECTRO - NEW WAVE DANCE MUSIC FROM SOUTH AFRICA" (Honest Jon's Recordings - HJR 052) CD   (UPC:  4047179504720 - cdshangelec)
***CHECK STOCK!!! Received an 8.3 rating from Pitchfork.
ACID KING "Free / Down With The Crown" (Kreation - KR 35) LP   (LPACID Free)
***BACK IN STOCK!!! "ACID KING's masterful CD and 10-inch split releases on Man's Ruin have been remastered and put out on one lovely piece of vinyl for your enjoyment. Free and Down With the Crown represent very early and heavy material from the band. Some of my personal favorite music in this genre.  Amazing stuff. We had the original photo for each release recreated and hand drawn by legendary rock artist ALAN FORBES. Looks awesome! Inner gatefold art is also killer...two panel original works."-Kreation
v/a "LOCAL CUSTOMS - LONE STAR LOWLANDS" (Numero Group - NUM 034) DBL.LP   (UPC: 825764103411 lplocallone)
***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! The second in Numero Group's series of peeks into the world of regional studios hones in on MICKEY ROUSE's Lowland operation out of Beaumont, Texas. Texas' Golden Triangle was home to a vibrant scene of musicians, songwriters, and entrepreneurs just trying to make it in Houston, let alone the world. From the ashes of a vibrant garage and stage band scene, the Lowland studio and its clientele were formed. Holed up in a run-down strip mall, groups like MOURNING SUN, INSIGHT OUT, SAGE, SASSY, MOTHER LION, HOPE, CIRCUS and BOOT HILL tracked out hundreds of demos, most of which were put on the shelf and left to bake in the South East Texas heat. Until now. Over the last two years, Numero has painstakingly gone through every tape in the studio's archives, selecting the best of the best (22 for the CD, 28 for the 2xLP) for this peerless compilation. The songs themselves run the gamut; southern boogie rock, CSNY clones, British blues thunder, garage-psych hangovers, Morricone-esque supper club instrumentals, yacht rock, and what can only be described as Bobby McPherin fronting the Velvet Underground, are threaded together in the way only a tightly-knit scene can be. Forget bringing these treasures back to life, Numero's giving them the life they never had.
SIX FINGER SATELLITE "Machine Cuisine Companion Cassette" (Anchor Brain - ABRN 004) CASSETTE  (UPC: 000000081955 - MCSIX Fmach)
***"While everyone in indie rock was fawning over v-neck-sweater-wearing bands like Pavement and Weezer and emulating the overly distorted guitar workings of Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth; the almighty SIX FINGER SATELLITE slipped into STEVE ALBINI's studio in Chicago and recorded their electronic masterpiece, Machine Cuisine. This record became one of Sub Pop's most credible releases of the '90s. Although it did not have much mainstream success, this record remains one of the most authentic and influential underground records of its time. While prepping Machine Cuisine for the studio, the band amassed an excess amount of material that was too abstract for the final release. Not wanting these songs to go unheard, the band released a limited-edition mail-order cassette. By sending $5 to a PO Box in Providence,! you received a rare glimpse into Six Finger Satellite's song writing process. Now, sixteen years later, the Machine Cuisine Companion Cassette is being reissued by the stubborn folks at Anchor Brain." Features five previously unreleased tracks and a free download.
BEAR IN HEAVEN "Beast Rest Forth Mouth: Remixed" (Hometapes - HT 034) DBL.CD   (UPC: 736211000927 - CDBEAR Bere)
***REISSUED WITH BONUS DISC OF REMIXES "Beast Rest Forth Mouth is an album of bled bytes, vomitted pixels, tears of pure #@&am(p;*xE%. Synths stream like paint from a spraygun, stars from Zeus's cock, the mantra from a monk's mouth. Drums like immutable physical laws; the facts which dictate everything else. Just songs, but when you turn them up loud-from wide speakers, big headphones-these songs occupy space. You can rest your head against them, feel them flutter against your eyes." -Said The Gramophone
S. CAREY "All We Grow" (Jagjaguwar - JAG 181) CD   (UPC: 656605218120 - CDCAREYAll)
***The debut album from S. CAREY, All We Grow, is the result of a young lifetime immersed in music. As a band member of BON IVER, SEAN CAREY witnessed a flip of his formal training to step firmly into a worldwide-touring rock band. His performance degree in classical percussion and his love for jazz drumming prepared him for a central role in the inspiring force of the Bon Iver live show. All We Grow is a convergence of Carey's Waltz For Debby-era Bill Evans inflected jazz tendencies, and traditional rock band experience, taking leads from Talk Talk. It also retests the waters of modern classical composition, investigating the moodiness generated by percussive repetition in a manner familiar to fans of Steve Reich. Received a 7.5 rating from Pitchfork.
COTTON JONES "Tall Hours in the Glowstream" (Suicide Squeeze - SSQ 086) CD   (UPC: 803238008622 - CDCOTTOTall)
***COTTON JONES' Tall Hours In the Glowstream marks an exciting new chapter in the bands young career. Tall Hours in The Glowstream is the band's most accessible album yet. While the band lends itself to the occasional lengthy jam, Tall Hours... finds Cotton Jones reigning in the songs, for a more succinct pop feel. The resulting sounds are rich and charmingly lo-fi, full of vivid imagery, gorgeous vocal harmonies.
BRAD LANER "Natural Selections" (Hometapes - HT 031) CD   (UPC: 656605796826 - CDLANERNatu)
***The sun's still shining in BRAD LANER's California. A founding father of shoegaze and the man behind MEDICINE, SAVAGE REPUBLIC, ELECTRIC COMPANY and THE INTERNAL TULIPS, Brad Laner returns with the follow-up to his 2007 psychedelic pop wonder Neighbor Singing. His constructed sonic world, built on an irresistible set of guitar and vocal layers, captures a whole new view into the sun - this time with a few more clouds. Received a 7.3 rating from Pitchfork.
TALLEST MAN ON EARTH "Shallow Grave" (Dead Oceans - DOCSPEC 05) CD   (UPC: 656605793221 - CDTALLEShal)
TALLEST MAN ON EARTH "s/t" (Dead Oceans - DOCWPC 04) CD   (UPC: 656605793122 - CDTALLEs/t)
***THE TALLEST MAN ON EARTH released one of 2008's most powerful records, one that Pitchfork praised, calling KRISTIAN MATSSON "a natural-born folksinger, earnest, clever, and comforting." Shallow Grave could not have been more simple, just Matsson's commanding vocals with an acoustic guitar or banjo, recorded at his home in Dalarna, Sweden. Although the album was released on the Swedish label Gravitation without the help of widespread distribution, the story of The Tallest Man on Earth spread far and wide through word of mouth. In April 2010 The Tallest Man on Earth released the critically acclaimed album The Wild Hunt and has played dozens of sold-out shows on both sides of the Atlantic. Now, Gravitation is pleased to make both Shallow Grave and the Tallest Man on Earth's self-titled EP (originally released in 2006), widely available on CD for the first time.
GOLEM "Orion Awakes" (Acme / Lion Productions - ACLN 1014) CD   (UPC: 778578101428 - CDGOLEMOrio)
***Epic early to mid-1970's instrumental psychedelic space-rock from the Pyramid Records archive, said to be pseudonymous after-hours studio sessions featuring the biggest names on the Krautrock scene at the time; heavy drums, jamming guitars and Hammond organ: in short, and amazing improvised free-form trip of impressive magnitude, on par with the music of Krautrock heavyweights like Neu! and Gila. An adventurous atmosphere throughout, whether the result is hallucinogenic and jazzy ('Jupiter'), the heavy freak and roll of 'The Returning,' with crushing guitars and massive, repetitive almost funky rhythm, or the Jimi Hendrix-inspired 'Godhead Dance.' Booklet essay examines the controversy surrounding this and other recordings first made known to the world via Virgin Records' three disc Unknown Deutschland series of compilations from the 1990's, including the fact that one "GENIUS P ORRIDGE is named as producer of the GOLEM album. It's clear enough to all that Genius P Orridge is strangely similar to the name GENESIS P ORRIDGE of THROBBING GRISTLE, PSYCHIC TV fame. The fact that the other names on the GOLEM album jacket lead nowhere only adds to the confusion. In any case, a deep and fascinating record, still fresh despite the years... and meant to be played loud.   
HUMAN EXPRESSION "Love at Psychedelic Velocity" (Cicadelic - CICD 9668) CD   (UPC: 619981307024 - CDHUMANLove)
***In 1966, four high school students from the Los Angeles suburbs formed THE HUMAN EXPRESSION; by January 1967, their first single, "Love At Psychedelic Velocity" b/w "Every Night," was released to an unsuspecting public. It was a dazzling, driving, opus of mind-bending sounds, and a harbinger of things to come. Their second single, "Optical Sound" b/w "Calm Me Down," released in the "Summer Of Love," was a two-sided tour de force, with brooding introspective lyrics by lead singer, JIM QUARLES. The Human Expression's edgy bad boy image was the antithesis of the "flower-children" image so prevalent for groups in 1967. The band's third single was "Sweet Child Of Nothingness," written by MARS BONFIRE. The three singles released during their short-lived career would burnish their reputation as one of the finest bands to emerge from the mid-'60s Los Angeles music scene. Compiled on this CD are all surviving demos and tapes of The Human Expression-sixteen tracks in total including five unreleased tracks-which include demos by Quarles from 1965 (recorded just before The Human Expression). Booklet has the story of the band, along with photos of rare band memorabilia.
HUMAN ZOO "s/t" (Cicadelic - CICD 9668) CD    (UPC: 2090503459229 - CDHUMANs/t)
***For the first time since its original release in 1970, an exact reissue of THE HUMAN ZOO album, taken from the original master tapes, with all album artwork faithfully replicated! As was the case with label-mates The Human Expression, The Human Zoo were also from the Los Angeles suburbs of Westminster and were also signed to Accent Records. The Human Zoo were originally called THE CIRCUS; they changed their name to the hipper sounding Human Zoo in 1969. The Human Zoo album is a quirky and unexpected blend of psychedelic, garage, and funky music.
RELAY FOR DEATH "Birth Of An Older, Much More Ugly Christ" (Hanson - HN 203) LP   (LPRELAYBirt)
***Recorded in 2009 by sisters ROXANN and RACHAL SPIKULA during their participation in a health study that required them to drink nothing but Shasta for like two weeks. (The master tape, according to Hanson, arrived duct-taped inside a hospital gown with the address written on it in Sharpie.) Menacing organ drone kicks off and mutates into the lo-fi skree of an empty room, eventually becoming a swirling abyss of tape hiss and the sound of nothing happening in a hospital. Distant creaks, buzz, and hums littered with hiss. A very unsettling frenzied drone. The flipside is a crunchy noise inferno that eventually leads to what sounds to Hanson like watching the earth exploding from outer space. A saddening, descending synth wave appears, buried by blasts of destroyed earth. It ends and you are disturbed. Everything fucking sucks. Edition of 300. Heavy duty black and silver silkscreened jackets with the Hanson droll flaps.
MIKE IX WILLIAMS "That's What the Obituary Said" (Chrome Peeler - CPR 09) 7"   (07WILLIThat)
***Anti-social misanthropic spoken word and power electronics by the EYEHATEGOD / OUTLAW ORDER / ARSON ANTHEM vocalist and author of Cancer as a Social Activity: Affirmations of World's End. With RYAN MCKERN (THE GUILT OF...) on the A-side. The flip was originally a Bloodyminded track with vocal by MIKE IX WILLAMS; here it's remixed by MARK SOLOTROFF (INTRINSIC ACTION, BLOODYMINDED). Includes 11"x17" poster and lyric booklet. Black with yellow splatter vinyl. Edition of 500.
DARKSMITH "Total Vacuum" (Hanson - HN 208) CD   (CDDARKSTota)
***CD reissue of the debut vinyl from California sound artist TOM DARKSMITH, whose crude musique concrete uses tapes, voice, records, radio, guitar, drums, objects, and domestic and field recordings. Assembled on cassette four-track in 2008 and 2009, this total mystery of perfectly paced dirt sound-not harsh, not mellow, just unclean, weird, and confusing-tests your audio Rohrshach; Hanson hears weedwacking, getting zipped into a suitcase and shipped via train, ghost voices roaming in sewers, riding in a helicopter with mid-grade noise reduction earmuffs on, a shitty metal door locking on a crew of mumbling idiots, and a garbage disposal. Whatever you hear, that's your problem. Recommended for fans of Yeast Culture, Agog, Joe Colley, Graham Lambkin, Jason Lescalleet, Hands To. 500 copies packaged in black poly jewel cases.
KEVIN DRUMM "s/t" (Thin Wrist - TWJ) DBL.LP   (LPDRUMMs/t)
***BACK IN STOCK!!! The elusive, fragmented and subtle tabletop guitar experiments on KEVIN DRUMM's eponymous debut (released on CD by Perdition Plastics in 1997 and reissued on CD by the same label in 2009) straddle analogue noise and fractured Erstwhile-esque minimalism. The first six tracks feel more like a surgical operation, or a vivisection of Drumm's instrument, an isolating of each conceivable component, draining its every sonority and splaying it across forty minutes of clinical abstraction. After six tracks of shadowy activity, a final seventeen-minute piece brings the album to an intense, droning conclusion, laying down strips of noisy signal interference that buzz and crackle as a single, continuous surge. Thin Wrist's expanded 180-gram vinyl edition adds an entire side of previously unreleased music recorded during the same time as the original album. Digital download card included.
MARK MCGUIRE "Tidings / Amethyst Waves" (Weird Forest - WEIRD 51) CD   (UPC: 656605793924 - CDMCGUITidi)
MARK MCGUIRE "Tidings / Amethyst Waves" (Weird Forest - WEIRD 51) DBL.LP   (LPMCGUITidi)
***BACK IN STOCK!!! Originally released as limited edition cassettes and masterfully cleaned up for this definitive release by JAMES PLOTKIN, Tidings/Amethyst Waves finds MARK MCGUIRE (EMERALDS) packing sixty-plus minutes with trance-inducing, melodic guitar intricacies, an occasional wall-of-squall reminiscent of Mizutani riding a thunder horse, and filaments of a drifting stratosphere where organic synthed-out solos are nestled in tight. With this release, Mark McGuire has hatched a true American Euro-vision utilizing major shifts in the 'music as language' paradigm. No joke, this is where Wyld Stallyns is heading in the year 2398 A.G. and Tidings/Amethyst Waves is as essential as anything in the Emeralds catalog."
16 BITCH PILE-UP / VERTONEN "Split" (What We Do Is Secret - WWDIS 03) LP   (LP16 BIVert)
***BACK IN STOCK!!! The 16 BITCH PILE-UP side maps the terrain of a haunted cathedral filled with animals wailing while rusty wheat threshers outside try to carry on with their task. It's almost as if you're dwarfed by archaic steam engines disengaging inside the hull of a lurching freighter as it docks, scraping portside against a wall of chain. The VERTONEN side, "Astronomical Icewalk," is a six-part, 19-minute journey that documents the bubbling cauldron beneath the brain of one forced into anonymity for their own safety. The result is an audio neuroimage full of pitch and yaw, confusion and clarity, with an overarching sheen of uncertainty. Edition of 400.
PATRICK WOLF "Lycanthropy" (Tomlab - TOM 037) CD   (UPC: 789397783726 - CDWOLF,Lyca)
***WAREHOUSE FIND!!! A collection of songs composed between the ages of 11 and 18 by self-described 21st century folk artist, Londoner PATRICK WOLF. Fourteen tracks that span vast emotional, physical and sonic ground, performed with a mixture of haunting melodies, beautiful strings, glitch core beats, cut-up field recordings, and passionate singing and lyrics.
BUSH CHEMISTS "Dub Fire Blazing" (Dubhead - DBH 23) CD   (UPC: 644455902320 - cdbush fire)
***WAREHOUSE FIND!!! The leaders of the UK roots and dub scene return with their third album, and the final chapter in the Toker's Trilogy. Fourteen tracks (ten on the vinyl) of shining dub sounds played with keyboards, melodica, guitar, bass, bongos, and drum programs. Includes vocals from RAS IMRU, CULTURE FREEMAN, KENNY KNOTTS, and SINGER BOY BLUE.
NEW FOUND GLORY "It's All About the Girls" (Fiddler - FR 004) CD   (cdnew fits)
***WAREHOUSE FIND!!! This EP contains their first 5 songs repackaged and remastered to perfection. Slick and catchy from start to finish.
Hip Hop And Friends...
MAYER HAWTHORNE "I Need You - Laser Etched 12-inch" (Stones Throw - STH 2250) 12"   (UPC: 659457225018 LPHAWTHI Ne)
***The vocal & instrumental of MAYER HAWTHORNE's "I Need You" are both on one side of this single. The flip side contains an etching by Miami illustrator FREEGUMS, who was tapped a couple months back for the Mayer Hawthorne x Huf T-shirt & song collaboration. The record is packaged in plastic with a 12"x12" insert.
EMANON "Waiting Room" (Shaman Work - SHW 16) CD   (UPC: 673792901628 - CDEMANOWait)
***WAREHOUSE FIND!!! The latest from emcee ALOE BLACC and producer/turntablist DJ EXILE under their EMANON moniker. Fifteen tracks of forward-thinking hip hop magic, rocked with innovative rhymes and flow, across-the-genres production, and beat orchestrations that go far beyond the sampled loop and break beat.
v/a "BEASTIE  A CAPELLAS" (Beastie Breaks - BB 009) LP   (lpbeasta ca)
***WAREHOUSE FIND!!! "The latest installment in the Beastie Breaks series gets you an all-vocal collection of some of the group's hottest microphone licks. Eight shake-your-rump, intergalactic, sure-shots, for the ladies. So, whatcha want? Serious jocks want two."
Punk And Hard Stuff...
PLUTOCRACY "Off The Pigs" (Forest Moon Special Products - FMSP 011) LP   (LPPLUTOOff)   
***After too long of an absence, this Bay Area punk/grinders return with an ep that will destroy you. Power violence, punk, grind, whatever you want to call it, PLUTOCRACY keep to their own style of music. Off The Pigs is a nice welcome back for these long standing vets.
AMEBIX "Redux" (Profance Existence - EXIST 116) CD   (UPC: 859703982799 - CDAMEBIRedu)
AMEBIX "Redux" (Profance Existence - EXIST 116) 12"   (LPAMEBIRedu)
***BACK IN STOCK!!! After more than two decades of silence, crust punk/metal pioneers AMEBIX reformed in 2009 for a series of live appearances across North America and Europe. Fronted by founding members/brothers ROB MILLER on bass and lead vocals and CHRIS MILLER, they were joined by legendary punk/metal drummer ROY MAYORGA (NAUSEA, SOUL SOUR, etc.). During the rehearsal sessions, the band re-recorded updated versions of three of their favorite Amebix songs: "Arise," "Winter" and "Chain Reaction." These new recordings are now being released as perhaps the most powerful Amebix record to date and proof that they have only gotten better with age. The new recordings were produced and engineered by Mayorga and mastered by RODNEY MILLS. The total running time is 17 minutes of the heaviest and loudest Amebix sound yet. The 12-inch comes with a large (5" x 6") embroidered Amebix patch and download card to access a digital version containing a bonus track previewing their upcoming live album and DVD release.
NUNSLAUGHTER "Fuck The God In Heaven" (Hells Headbangers - CDNUNSLFUCK) CD   (CDNUNSLFuck)
***WAREHOUSE FIND!!! "The Devil Metal Masters return with four brand new studio blasphemies branded on a Devil Metal Goat SHAPED CD! Features completely different artwork & layout from the Shaped Picture Disc version. KILL FOR SATAN.... KILL FOR NUNSLAUGHTER!"
ASESINO "Corridos De Muerte" (Kool Arrow - KACA 013) CD   (UPC: 680316001320 - CDASESICorr)
***WAREHOUSE FIND!!! BRUJERIA cult leader JUAN BRUJO again provokes the curse of El Demoniaco, and sends his ASESINO death squad-EL ASESINO on guitar (DINO CAZARE of FEAR FACTORY), GRENUDO on drums (RAYMOND HERRERA of FEAR FACTORY), MANDATE X on bass and vocals (TONY CAMPOS of STATIC-X)-into action. Thirteen true stories of death and murder witnessed and written by El Brujo and MALDITO X, and sung in the ugliest dialect of Spanish possible. Jarcor, most brutal.
***Amplifying the pared down "smooth punk" of their 2009 debut LP Artificial Clouds, BARE WIRES nods to the bubblegum chomping, power pop stompers of '70s glam rock with their sophomore album Seeking Love. What started as the side project of MATTHEW MELTON and ALICJA TROUT in Memphis has now solidified as a three-piece based out of Oakland, CA with Melton, drummer NATHAN PRICE and bassist FLETCHER JOHNSON. The ten songs on Seeking Love boast handclap heavy, stadium-ready production reminiscent of early '70s glam rockers Gary Glitter and Slade, while still speaking to the sincerity and authenticity that has become Melton's songwriting trademark. Cassette version includes three bonus songs.
***Features the 1975 album on Island along with a live show from 1975 recorded at CBGBs. 250 pressed.
QUICK "Untold Rock Stories" (Burger - MCQUICKUNTO) CASSETTE   (MCQUICKUnto)
***Features tow unreleased songs and many unreleased photos. 250 pressed.
THE BEAT "Live in 1979" (Burger - BEAT 1979) CASSETTE   (mcbeat 1979)
***Features two shows on one tape! 250 cassettes pressed!
CLIVE TANAKA Y SU ORQUESTA "Jet Set Siempre # 1" (Burger - MCTANAKJET1) CASSETTE   (mctanakjet1)
***"Electronic music made for dancing and romancing by a man from Japan named CLIVE TANAKA! Highly, highly recommended! 250 pressed and stamped in association with Tall Corn Music."-Burger Records
Seven Inches...
SHE & HIM "Thieves" (Merge - MRG 404) 7"   (UPC: 673855040479 - 07she hthie)
(STREET DATE - 8/31/2010)
***SHE & HIM released their sophomore album, Volume Two, on March 23rd, 2010 via Merge Records. It debuted at # 6 on Billboard's Top 200. Written by ZOOEY DESCHANEL (She) and produced by M. WARD (Him), Volume Two is the highly anticipated follow up to the duo's critically acclaimed debut, Volume One. "You'd be hard pressed to find another album this year as fun and as flat-out enjoyable as this one."-Washington Post. Limited edition of 1,000 copies.
OUTER MINDS "Bloodshot Eyes" (HoZac - HZR 073) 7"   (07OUTERBloo)
***Chicago's explosive and underrated OUTER MINDS have finally come to the surface after simmering in the underworld in several different incarnations over the past few years, and with unbelievably great results. Sharpening their sound into a legion of '60s pop/psych textures and nuances normally reserved for the baroque set with their impeccable glockenspiel-laden arrangements, Outer Minds weave a rich web of sound around impossibly perfect hooks and deliver an impressive EP worthy of your immediate attention. Led by ZACH MEDEARIS (BLACK BEAUTIES, LOVER!) and A-RON ORLOWSKI's (BASEBALL FURIES, Lover!, DIRGES) fine assemblage of rough-cut harmonies, the band has gone through more name and roster changes than most, but once the current lineup coalesced into the tight-knit unit performing today, everything fell into place to create this sumptuous wall of sound that will blow your little mind to bits.
FLIPS "I Just Don't Know Where I Stand" (HoZac - HZR 072) 7"   (07FLIPSI Ju)
***At this very moment, THE FLIPS are one of the absolute best, true, all-female bands to fully capture the spine-tingling effervescence and true songwriting prowess of the first wave of Girl Group Sounds. Based in Milwaukee and only making rare live appearances periodically, The Flips are an unmatched six-piece super group of songwriters and talented ladies who have straddled the raw essence of the Brill Building's top-notch harmonies, snapping hooks and chest-pounding desperation and they've cranked out three songs presented here that are truly monumental. Featuring members of PLEXI 3, STICKS 'N STONES, SUGAR STEMS, and JANE DOE & THE COPHATERS, The Flips have the perfect chops and elaborately sophisticated pop execution that's always sorely lacking in pop music these days.
HANOI JANES "Specks Ho!" (Captured Tracks - CT 70) 7"   (07HANOISpec)
***HANOI JANES is back for his first release since the critically acclaimed Year of Panic LP. Five songs on this 7-inch in vein of his earlier 7-inch and LP, pushing the envelope in OLIVER's vision of cacophonous pop to the hilt. The soundtrack for the only party episode ever filmed for the Twilight Zone? Probably.
MINKS "Ophelia" (Captured Tracks - CT 71) 7"   (07MINKSOphe)
***MINKS penchant for crafting dark pop songs with classic sensibilities sees no end in sight. "Ophelia" finds them in more of a pastoral, reflective mood than the previous single, drawing on Felt/Durutti Column guitar textures and dreamy, whispy vocal melodies. Two more tracks on the B-Side and that's all you get until the debut LP comes out in the Fall.
DIMPLES "I Can Feel You Out There" (Mexican Summer - MEX 055) 7"   (UPC: 184923100556 - 07DIMPLI Ca)
***DIMPLES presents a marrow-deep comprehension of rock's most striking moves, strips them of their parts and leaves them up on blocks, as a warning. "I Can Feel You" chugs and chings through a nervy, slicked-down run through West Coast punk delinquency; "Heaven Blotted Regions" throws out the band and leaves PARME alone with a guitar and a drum machine, ripping out the sort of sleazy, Leisure Suit Larry-esque, yet highly personal ballad that sticks to the wall with effortless attitude. Something like Hanoi Rocks had they recorded for Shimmy-Disc. Two great goddamn songs. Edition of 500 copies.
MICHAEL ANGELO "Sorcerer's Delight" (Mexican Summer - MEX 059) 7"   (UPC: 184923100594 - 07ANGELSorc)
***"We first heard of MICHAEL ANGELO's brilliant soft psyche from his 1977 self-titled album, but when Angelo himself shared these ultra rare recordings from his album A Sorcerers Dream-Mexican Summer headquarters pretty much flipped out. This is a perfect 7-inch that's filled with ahead of it's time bubble jams-if Bobb Trimble, Ariel Pink, and Caetano Veloso had a drunken night, it would surely harp this." Edition of 500 copies.     
VOICE OF THE PUPPETS "s/t" (Sing Sing - SING 020) 7"   (07VOICEs/t)
***"Hailing from Newcastle, VOICE OF THE PUPPETS-RUSSELL MCDONALD, STEVE 'STESH' MILLAR, CHRIS WELTON, and 'STAPPS'-began playing together in 1978 and one year later recorded these two tracks at Impulse Sound Studios, Wallsend. A self-produced and self-financed single surfaced in mid-1980, by which time Voice Of The Puppets were reduced to a trio following Chris Welton's departure. The 250 copies pressed were all housed in a nice poster-sleeve featuring a cartoon history of the band drawn by Chris Welton. The two songs have their roots firmly in 1977 melodic Punk and are worth a spin with their infectious mix of Buzzcockian guitars and TVPs-like vocals. The combo had already split by 1981 with all members quitting music altogether. Steve Millar would sadly commit suicide in 2002."-45 Revolutions
DIE KREUZEN "Cows and Beer" (Barbarian - 07DIE KCOWS) 7"   (07DIE Kcows)
***REPRESSED ON COLORED VINYL WITH TWO-SIDED INSERT!!! "A classic that I like even more now then when I bought it. Strange isn't it? Their first LP is essential too then they went on a post punk/indie journey that lost me. But these tracks and the ones on the first volume of Master Tape are what counts in my opinion. Great thugging HC with a nice low budget production."-KBD
SLANT 6 "What Kind Of Monster Are You" (Dischord - DIS 85 V) 7"   (07SLANTWhat)
***SLANT 6 played their first show in the summer of 1992 with MYRA POWER (LUCKY 13) on bass, CHRISTINA BILLOTTE (AUTOCLAVE) on guitar and voice and MARGE MARSHALL debuting on drums. The band recorded the three songs included on their debut single, "What Kind Of Monster Are You?" att Inner Ear Studios with IAN MACKAYE in 1993. This reissued edition was re-cut at Chicago Mastering Service from the original tapes.
MELTED SUNGLASSES "s/t" (Weird Hug - WHR 004) 7"  (07MELTEs/t)
***AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! Debut Single from Miami, Florida's MELTED SUNGLASSES. These guys just want to drink with you. Psychedelic, yet super catchy guitar riffs, with a luster of pounding punk sound. These songs showcase the guitar brilliance of band member Teepee and with songs about shotgunning Sparks cans and sunglasses melting off your face, these guys are just looking for a good time.
Release The Bats - Blowout Sale...
RACCOO-OO-OON "s/t" (Release The Bats - RTB 43) CD        (CDRACCOs/t)
***A fucked upfuture-prog mayhem that is all over the place and at no known place at the same time. Minds are melting, new grounds are covered and things will never be the same. When the last track fades out and everything is over, the silence has never been so quiet. Genuinely uncomfortable, desperate and just beautiful, this album will surely be remembered as the most important recording that Racco-oo-oonever put to tape. One-time pressing of 1,000 copies in a full color Dual Plover-styled gatefold sleevse with the discs laying on black felt.
YELLOW SWANS (DOVE) "Live During War Crimes 2" (Release The Bats - RTB 16) CD   (cdyelloliv2)
***Volume number two in the Live During War Crimes series from DOVE YELLOW SWANS. The band surpasses the first volume with darker and more sinister live recordings from the band's 2006 European tour. Five dense, desperate, and bleak tracks loaded with trashy dark rumblings and a feeling of complete coldness. Packaged in a full-color Dual Plover sleeve with black felt. Edition of 1,000 copies. Swedish import.
SKULL DEFEKTS "Drone Drug" (Release The Bats - RTB 041) CD   (CDSKULLDron)
***First there was Skkull then there was The Drone Drug. Continuing on the same path, the sound of The Drone Drug is of a similar relentless minimalist nature as its predecessor. This could be seen as the electronic backbone to last years amazing Blood Spirits & Drums Are Singing (Conspiracy Records), creating a heavy beast with the most basic and stripped-down use of variations in drones and frequencies instead of guitars and percussion. 4-panel digipack with artwork by DANIEL FAGERSTROM.
SHEPHERDS "Loco Hills" (Release The Bats - RTB 29) CD   (CDSHEPHLoco)
***Loco Hills, the debut full length from these Brooklyn bush babies, is the  sound of a rolling Southwestern road trip. It is the sound of unknown terrain, and appropriately Loco Hills finds SHEPHERDS entering full band territory for the first time. A fully realized jam document, toying at times with structure, Shepherds never lose sight of the "drop everything and make music" mentality that makes them so exciting. Swirling strings, tape manipulations. Bongos and wah, fire and bone. This is our music. Features members MENEGUAR, WOODS, and THE VANISHING VOICE. Digipack and limited to 500.
WARMER MILKS "Let Your Friends In" (Release The Bats - RTB 33) CD   (CDWARMELet)
***Another chapter in the more brash, aggressive side of WARMER MILKS catalog. Leaning more towards skate punk and black metal, the group touched on intensities left behind from nerd critically acclaimed Radish On Light (Troubleman Unlimited 2006) but with a more street rock cum vomitorium feel. The flipside to the first track is a spook gang romper, drumless yet still punching the walls with a force no other rock can manage. Where the group has flirted with heavy rock in the past, it is easy to say that group now owns heavy rock. Limited to 1,000 copies.
NTHNTH STHSTH "Uton & Anthony Milton Collaboration" (Release The Bats - RTB 35) LP   (LPNTHNTUton)
***Finland and New Zealand meets again on this second collaborative album from UTON and ANTHONY MILTON (first one under the NTHnthSTHsth moniker was released as a limited CDR on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon back in 2004). A perfect clash of two beautiful worlds over two sidelong tracks divided into several shorter segments. Layers of majestic droning sounds, field recordings, voices, guitars, percussion. Full colour artwork by JANI HIRVONEN and liner notes by JON DALE. Limited to 520 copies, imported from Sweden.
LOOSERS / OWL XOUNDS "Split" (Release The Bats - RTB 39) 7"   (UPC: 07LOOSEOwl)
***LOOSERS from Portugal continues with their psychedelic free noise jams after releases on labels such as Qbico, Ruby Red, Meudiademorte and Woodsist. A quiet and subtle guitar-driven piece, feels like a slooow and hot Sunday afternoon. The flipside has more crude and dirty out there jazz madness from Brooklyn's OWL XOUNDS, featuring ADAM from Holy Mountains LA OTRACINA. 420 copies, all on black vinyl. Swedish import.
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