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January 18, 2011
Greetings from Rochester, NY
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Just Arrived at the shop

Above & Beyond--Ajunabeats 10
The Blood of Heroes--Remain
British Sea Power--Valhalla Dancehall
Cage the Elephant--Thank You Happy Birthday
Cake--Showroom of Compassion
the Decemberists--The King is Dead
David Guetta--One Love
Klaxons--Surfing the Void Deluxe Edition with bonus songs
Phish--Live 07/03/10 & 07/04/10 Alpharetta, Georgia
Marnie Stern--Self Titled
Tapes N' Tapes--Outside
Warpaint--Exquisite Corpse
Wire--Red Barked Tree

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DECEMBERISTS--free lithograph with purchase of new album
SOCIAL DISTORTION--coupon for $2 off new album when you buy their single
DECEMBERISTS--coupon for $2 off their upcoming new album when you buy the new 7"
WEEZER--Free Sticker Sheet with purchase of Deluxe Pinkerton, Death to False MetalKINGS OF LEON--free 7" with purchase of COME AROUND SUNDOWN
BLACK ANGELS-- free lithograph with purchase of PHOSPHENE DREAM
DAVID BOWIE - free t-shirt with purcahse of STATION TO STATION DELUXE
WALKMEN--free 7" with purchase of LISBON
WOLF PARADE - free magnet with EXPO 86
SLEIGH BELLS - free 7" record with TREATS
JACK JOHNSON - free 7" record with TO THE SEA
JOSH ROUSE - free live DVD with EL TURISTA
ROGUE WAVE - free lithograph with PERMALIGHT
HOT CHIP - free CD version of ONE LIFE STAND with deluxe vinyl edition
JOHN MAYER - free 7" record with BATTLE STUDIES
NIRVANA - free double-sided poster with LIVE AT READING

Here are a few highlights from this week's New Release list:

DEATH "Spiritual Mental Physical" (Drag City - DC 447) 
DEATH "Spiritual Mental Physical" (Drag City - DC 447) LP  

***Spiritual-Mental-Physical is a collection of wild early DEATH demos, presenting the three young HACKNEY brothers consolidating their powers as they embark on a trip into pure rock and roll music. For many years following the emergence of punk rock, nothing changed. Punk bands either signed contracts and played the rock band game or they lived in a world parallel to the world of commercial rock and roll. Farther along came "the year that punk broke," a puzzling decade and a half after the whole thing had first been absorbed into the mainstream in the last of the 1970s. And so it was. The books were written; the pronouncements made. Then came news of Death. They'd self-released a single in 1976; the tracks made it onto an unheard punk compilation a couple decades later. In 2008, an obsessive young man tracked them down and found that the surviving two brothers had master tapes from all those years ago. These made up the truly senses-shattering album...For The Whole World To See. Suddenly, the book was open again and the history of punk rock needed to be rewritten to include Death. The sounds on ...For the Whole World To See are those of young men, scorching their influences in the process of becoming new. Spiritual-Mental-Physical gives us Death by transistor radio, with a tinnyyet- furious sound representing the 1970s environment of Death. Here, the musical landscape that inspired them is more clearly defined as they demo material that didn't make it to the studio, but shares the same ferocious bent as "Politicians In My Eyes," "Keep On Knocking," and the rest of ...For the Whole World To See. Spiritual-Mental-Physical is an inside look at Death's early days, one that fans of the group and fans of punk rock (and, indeed, rock of all kinds) are sure to enjoy for the rest of time. No Export To Europe.
MONOTONIX "Not Yet" (Drag City - DC 454) CD   
MONOTONIX "Not Yet" (Drag City - DC 454) LP   
 (STREET DATE - 1/25/2011)
***Over the past five years, MONOTONIX have built up a reputation around the world for their lovably stupid antics in concert, as they cheerfully rage through the audience, sharing every last drop of sweat with the crowd, inviting everyone in attendance to make it happen along with the band. One might think that the music would be secondary to such spectacle, but the secret of Monotonix is that the songs are what drive the show, tight, powerful and committed. On their previous EP, LP and 7" single releases, these songs were presented as the still burning residue of their live magic-but the music has a life of its own. Not Yet, the second Monotonix full-length album, focuses the band's energy like a beam, searing away everything extraneous, leaving only the essentials. Monotonix are kicking it with pure, slamming rawness from start to finish on Not Yet, with short and fast songs, direct to the point; YONATAN's riffs, doubled up and driving forward, HAGGAL rattling jaws with blow after blow on the kit as AMI sings and screams of you and me, of the thrill and dismay of too much, of action and release, his voice almost swallowed in the din but cutting through with the rigor of a scalpel and the fury of a fanatic. Recorded by STEVE ALBINI. No Export to Europe.

CRASS "Feeding Of The 5,000" (Crassical Collection - CC 01) CD   (STREET DATE - 1/25/2011)
***REISSUED!!! Part 1 of The Crassical Collection reissue series, the legendary CRASS album has been been restored from the original analogue studio tapes, repackaged with a 64-page booklet replete with lyrics, liner notes from band members STEVE IGNORANT and PENNY RIMBAUD, a CD-sized recreation of the original fold-out poster sleeve, and bolstered by rare & unreleased tracks, and stunning new artwork from GEE VAUCHER, who has lovingly created what could only be considered a real artifact. First released in 1978 on Small Wonder Records, and later re-released on the band's own Crass Records, The Feeding Of The 5,000 showed Crass as an anti-establishment and highly uncompromising act, and one that would influence countless other bands to follow. No Exports Outside North America.

STRAIGHT ARROWS "It's Happening" (Juvenile - JUVI 004) LP   (lpstraiits)
***Hearing the STRAIGHT ARROWS' OWEN PENGLIS going bat shit crazy on the song 'Something Happens' there's no doubt that there's something definitely happening on their debut album It's Happening. That 'happening' is blown out psych garage from one of Australia's finest exponents of bratty, snotty rock. And lord knows there's heaps of that good stuff blasting from Down Under at the moment! The Sydney four piece-vocalist/guitarist Penglis, bassist ANGIE BERMUDA (CIRCLE PIT), guitarist/vocalist ALEX GRIGG and drummer ADAM WILLIAMS, know how to party. They started out doing shows in a gay bar, have been known to play while on roller skates and write songs that are in their own words a "puerile psychedelic joke about phalluses." Having toured and played with the likes of Thee Oh Sees, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Black Lips, the UV Race and Jay Reatard the band knows that while the party starts with an awesome live show, to keep the party going you need songs. Fucking master blasters! Straight Arrows deliver on both counts. Eleven scratchy psyched out punk tracks in 24 minutes. Fuzzed, melodic and reverberated budget rock with a psychedelic bent. Released in Australia on CD by Rice Is Nice records and LP on Juvenile. Includes a download.
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