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    New & Upcoming Indie Releases 10/1/2013

    10/04/13 3:20 AM


    New & Upcoming Release list 10/1/13

    If you see anything you're interested in or have any questions about anything you see listed please email us at

    New and upcoming indie & import Releases Street Date... 10/1/2013

    LARRY GUS "Years Not Living" (DFA - DFA2345) LP
    LARRY GUS "Years Not Living" (DFA - DFA2345) CD 
                                        ***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! Inspired by the rural environment of his hometown of Veria, Greece, multi-instrumentalist / singer / producer PANAGIOTIS MELIDIS started writing music as LARRY GUS (from the Greek larigas, or larynx) in 2006, soon after the early demise of his previous band GINGER (a bass and drums duo with a sound similar to the early-'00s Providence scene, paired with hip hop overtones). Melidis initially composed production music, and later on earned a reputation for intense and chaotic live performances. He retained Ginger's primitive aesthetics of groove based music, along with an obsession for late-'60s / early-'70s free jazz, and combined them with sample-based techniques and crystal-clear psychedelic pop melodies, all merged into infinitely dense layers and polyrhythms. Stitches, his first proper full-length, was released in 2009 for Greek hip hop label Cast-A-Blast, and Melidis began a yearlong residency at the Music Technology Group in Barcelona as an intern and postgraduate student. He then returned back to Veria to work on his next project, Years Not Living, an album inspired by Georges Perec's 1978 book Life: A Users Manual and Lucio Battisti's 1974 album Anima Latina. The sessions yielded a staggering 85 songs, and the entire process, set amidst Greece's financial crisis, was documented and will be part of the feature film My Friend Larry Gus (directed by Vasilis Katsoupis), to be released in 2013. Pared down to ten tracks, Years Not Living incorporates a wealth of diverse styles, ranging from '60s / '70s psychedelia and pop to hip hop and more. Vinyl includes digital download card. No export outside North America.
    WHITE MANNA "Dune Worship" (Holy Mountain - HOLY1994) LP 
    WHITE MANNA "Dune Worship" (Holy Mountain - HOLY1994) CD  
                                        ***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! WHITE MANNA returns to prove just how deep their thrust is. Dune Worship, the Arcata, California, group's sophomore album, follows in the vein of last year's self-titled debut, mining another batch of primal, outward-bound jams that reek of eternity. "Transformation" channels prime-time Hawkwind, evoking that sense of zooming headlong in endless flight with every atom buzzing. The staunch, towering riffs of "X Ray" are as foreboding as the next report from the EPA. This is White Manna's idea of a power ballad... until it accelerates in the last minute and leaves the listener blissfully charred. The speedy yet smooth "I'm Comin Home" could be the recurring theme for that impossible sequel to Easy Rider, while the ten-minute "Illusion of Illusion" simmers with astral, meditative menace-a massive, billowing specimen of rock that glows like the earth's inner core. The epic finale, "Solar Returns," is as majestic and momentous a climax as one would expect from these profound pros, whose singleness of purpose remains irrepressible and righteous. LP includes a download.
                                        *WHITE MANNA "s/t" (Holy Mountain - HOLY1988) CD   (UPC: 655035698823)
    CARLTON MELTON "Always Even" (Agitated - AGIT 024) LP  
    CARLTON MELTON "Always Even" (Agitated - AGIT 024) CD                        
                                        ***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! ANDY DUVALL, RICH MILLMAN, CLINT GOLDEN and (introducing) JOHN MCBAIN on Echoplex (and mastering duties once more!) are CARLTON MELTON, Agitated Records' standard bearers, their freak flag wavers. The travelers have returned with Always Even, their fourth album, recorded once again in a geodesic dome in the winter of 2012-13. Strap in, fly on-but do not be fooled by the gentle ease of opening track "Slow Wake." It's the calm before the psych-storm, a balm for one's ears to prepare body and mind for the synth-riff-laden, psych-guitar-knockout blastings to come. Much like "Space Treader" on last year's Photos of Photos, "Keeping On" launches into unmapped zones, only to return to earth with the eased-back dome-drone of "Spider Web." The trip continues with the furious, kraut-influenced "Sarsen," a track that could soundtrack an entire flight to the Moon and back-not to mention fuel the rocket ship with its ampheto-cranked psych chug. Make sure all seat belts are fastened for final descent, as "The Splurge" envelopes all with its molasses-like fog / fug. Gatefold sleeved vinyl includes digital download card.  No export to the UK/Europe.
                                        *CARLTON MELTON "Country Ways" (Agitated - AGIT 006) CD   (UPC: 5060174951701)
                                        *CARLTON MELTON "Four Eyes" (Blackest Rainbow - BRR 252) LP             
                                        *CARLTON MELTON "Photos of Photos" (Agitated - AGIT 018) CD   (UPC: 5060174953828)
    FUZZ "s/t" (In The Red - ITR 254 CD) CD   (UPC: 759718525427 - CDFUZZs/t)
    FUZZ "s/t" (In The Red - ITR 254 LP) LP   (UPC: 759718525410 - LPFUZZs/t)
    MELT BANANA "Fetch" (AZAP - AZ 09) CD   (UPC: 655035200927 - CDMELT Fetc)
    ALPACA "Demimonde" (Robotic Empire - ROBO 107) LP   (UPC: 655035710716 - LPALPACDemi)
    COSMIC PSYCHOS "Down on the Farm" (Goner - 96 GONE) LP   (UPC: 655035029610 - LPCOSMIDown)
    COSMIC PSYCHOS "s/t" (Goner - 97 GONE) LP   (UPC: 655035029719 - LPCOSMIs/t)
    COSMIC PSYCHOS "Go the Hack" (Goner - 98 GONE) LP   (UPC: 655035029818 - LPCOSMIGo t)
    LES LEVEL "House of Need" (100% Silk - SILK 054) 12"   (UPC: 655035036915 - LPLES LHous)
    WHITE MANNA "Dune Worship" (Holy Mountain - HOLY1994) CD   (UPC: 655035699424 - CDWHITEDune)
    SENSATIONS' FIX "Fragments of Light" (Superior Viaduct - SV 027) LP   (UPC: 857176003270 - LPSENSAFrag)
    ATLANTEAN KODEX "White Goddess" (20 Buck Spin - SPIN 057) CD   (UPC: 721616805727 - CDATLANWhit)
    CARLTON MELTON "Always Even" (Agitated - AGIT 024) CD   (UPC: 5060174956096 - CDCARLTAlwa)
    HUSERE GRAV "You Are Transparent" (Crucial Blast - BLAZE 008) CD   (UPC: 655035045825 - CDHUSERYou)
    GRAVE MIASMA "Odori Sepulcrorum" (Profound Lore - PFL 122) CD 
                                        ***Received an 8.0 rating from Pitchfork.
    ALTAR OF PLAGUES "Mammal" (Profound Lore - PFL 075) CD   (UPC: 616892128465)
    BIAFRA, JELLO+MELVINS "Never Breathe What... " (Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 300) LP  (721616030013)
    LCD SOUNDSYSTEM "This Is Happening" (DFA - DFA2250-2) 2xLP   (UPC: 829732225013)
    LEVIATHAN "True Traitor, True Whore" (Profound Lore - PFL 086) CD   (UPC: 616892005148)
    SEGALL, TY "Melted" (Goner - 58 GONE) LP   (UPC: 655035006819)           
    SONIC YOUTH "Smart Bar Chicago 1985" (Goofin' - GOO 016)  2xLP  (UPC: 787996801612)
    SONIC YOUTH "Dirty Box" (Goofin' - GOOFIN 05) 4xLP   (UPC: 787996800516)
    WOODEN SHJIPS "s/t" (Holy Mountain - HOLY011235813) LP                                
    Popular Styles...
    SHANNON AND THE CLAMS "I Wanna Go Home" (1-2-3-4 Go! - GO 37) LP   (UPC: 616822087916)
    SHANNON AND THE CLAMS "Sleep Talk" (1-2-3-4 Go! - GO 48) LP   (UPC: 616822099018)
                                        ***BOTH TITLES BACK IN PRINT!!!
    DEATH "Spiritual Mental Physical" (Drag City - DC 447) LP   (UPC: 781484044710              )
    MERCHANDISE "Totale Nite" (Night People - NP 180) LP   (UPC: 602057718015)
    OM "God Is Good" (Drag City - DC 404) LP   (UPC: 781484040415)
    SICH MANG "Blwntout" (Rainbow Body - RBBD 007) LP             
    SUPERCHUNK "I Hate Music" (Merge - MRG 480) LP   (UPC: 673855048017)
                                        ***BACK IN STOCK!!!
    FRONDS "s/t" (Do Not Disturb - DNDR 001) LP   (LPFRONDs/t) (STREET DATE - 10/08/2013)
                                        ***In 2012, songwriter DYLAN TIDYMAN-JONES, formerly the guitarist of the recently departed goth-psych syndicate THE MALLARD (Castle Face), began working under the name FRONDS-producing an album of psychedelic dream pop with ROBERT JACKSON at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, California. Mellifluous vocals float over a foundation of finger-plucked guitars, electro-acoustic drums, bass, claps, Giallo score textures, and FX slathered toy keys. Fronds debut is set for release October 8th by Do Not Disturb Records. BRIAN LEE HUGHES of Castle Face Records was so taken with the record, a smooth salve to his fuzz-addled ears, that he not only offered to put it out but started a whole new imprint, Do Not Disturb, based on the DIY boudoir vexations contained herein. The song 'Wash' was featured on a compilation curated by Sonny Smith for Polyvinyl Records. Shifting incarnations of the band have performed along the West Coast. Current and former members include ADAM MYATT (JAMES & EVANDER, PALE BLUE DOT), MARK CLIFFORD (DRMS, IN WATERMELON SUGAR), ELA J (WYMOND MILES, NIGHT GOWN), DYLAND EDRICH (THE MALLARD, MIKAL CRONIN BAND), ADELE BIDET, GREER MCGETTRICK (The Mallard), and KEVIN WOODRUFF. Edition of 500 copies. Includes a download.   
    MAMMANE SANI ET SON ORGUE "La Musique Electronique du Niger" (Sahel Sounds / Mississippi - SS 011/ MRP 034) LP   (LPMAMMALa M)
                                        ***MAMMANE SANI ABDULLAYE is a legendary name in Niger's avant garde. A pioneer of early West African electronic music, for over 30 years his instrumentals have filled the airwaves. The instrumental background drones of radio broadcasts and instrumental segueways of TV intermissions borrow heavily from his repertoire. The dreamy organ instrumentals drifts by sans comment, yet are known to all. New pressing with printed covers of 1,000, reissue of his 1978 cassette. Co-release with Mississippi Records.                
    SATAN PANONSKI "Hard Blood Shock" (S-S Records - SS 072) LP   (UPC: 655035067216 - LPSATANHard)
                                        ***"Of all the former Eastern Bloc countries, Yugoslavia (and Croatia in particular) had one of the most exciting and innovative punk/underground rock & roll scenes and the legend among Yugo/Croat punk legends is SATAN PANONSKI (nee IVICA CULJAK). Starting with pioneering, late-70s, Yugo punk band POGREB X, through incarceration, a solo career and an untimely death by a mysterious bullet during the Croatian War of Independence, Satan Panonski literally cut his way into E. Euro punk history. His stage act was an extreme blend of punk shock and Auto-Destructiv performance. His music is a vivid mix of KBD-style punk, Serbo-Croatian folk melodies, and jags into abstract avant punk. Three cassettes were released during his life (and shortly after his death), one of which made it to vinyl. The vinyl is now very collectible. SS has culled through dozens of songs and come up with the creme de la punk, all transferred from the original tapes. Vinyl mastering by JOHN GOLDEN makes Satan Panonski sound the best he has ever sounded. This also includes much of Ivica Culjak's art, new lyric translations, a long biographical essay, and plenty of photos, all in a 16-page booklet. There is no CD or digital download."                      
    FOTTUTISSMA PELICCERIA ELSA "s/t" (S-S Records - SS 073) LP   (UPC: 655035069319 - LPFOTTUs/t)            
                                        ***"FOTTUTISSMA PELICCERIA ELSA were a short-lived Italian hardcore band from the city of Gorizia. I was tipped to them by a 1983 review in Maximum Rocknroll which compared them to 'the MEAT PUPPETS met M.D.C. in a Chilean secret police torture chamber.' I wrote on Crud Crud 'Fast bursts of rage segue into sludge and then into total confusion. It is like the Italian hardcore version of Tampax's "UFO Dictator" over a full LP, but it makes sense.' WFMU's Fatty Jubbo once described it as 'wow...stumbles along like a drunken horse with its feet cut off. sorta reminds of Destroy NYC or Upside Down Cross.' The music comes from their one and only demo tape released in 1983, a rarity itself. Transferred from tape, not MP3. Mastered to vinyl by JOHN GOLDEN. Includes insert with original demo tape art work. This is a vinyl only release. There is no CD or digital download.   
    NATIONAL WAKE "Walk In Africa 1979-81" (Light In The Attic - LITA105) CD   (UPC: 826853010528 - CDNATIOWalk)
    NATIONAL WAKE "Walk In Africa 1979-81" (Light In The Attic - LITA105) DBL.LP   (UPC: 826853010511 -LPNATIOWalk)
                                        (STREET DATE - 10/08/2013) ***The South Africa of the late 1970s was neither the right place nor time to launch a mixed-race punk band. Yet, following the student-inspired Soweto Uprising of 1976, it was also exactly the right conditions to foster a band like NATIONAL WAKE, one formed in an underground commune, and one whose very name exists in protest at the divisive, racist apartheid regime. Never before collected together, Light In The Attic releases National Wake's full body of work as Walk In Africa 1979-81. Featured heavily in the Punk In Africa documentary, National Wake played punk, reggae and tropical funk, equally at home in the city's rock underground and the township nightclub circuit. IVAN KADEY started the band with two brothers, GARY and PUNKA KHOZA. The three were from different worlds-while Ivan was an outsider, a Jewish orphan born in the traditional Johannesburg immigrant neighborhood, Gary, Punka and their family were forcibly moved to the troubled township of Soweto under the apartheid regime. Later joined by guitarist STEVE MONI, the whole band grew up against a backdrop of township unrest, social upheaval and suburban tedium that characterized apartheid-era South Africa. National Wake released just one album, in 1981. It sold approximately 700 copies before being withdrawn under government pressure. The band subsequently disintegrated, but their influence could be traced in the racially mixed post-punk underground centered around Rockey Street in Johannesburg throughout the 1980s, their legacy transmitted through fanzines and underground cassette trading. Sadly, Gary and Punka Khoza both passed away in their 40s. Kadey now works as an architect in Los Angeles, and in 2011, re-released the band's self-titled album, but spoke about having more than 20 tracks that had never seen the light of day-until now. CD housed in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket with 48-page book. Vinyl housed in a deluxe gatefold tip-on jacket with 20-page book, and download card full full anthology.
    YUCK "Glow & Behold" (Fat Possum - FP 13841) LP  (UPC: 767981138411 - LPYUCKGlow)
                                        ***"YUCK! Eeew, I was like, 'that is soo gross'. Anybutt. I was like whatever. Butt then I saw the tour and it made me feel kinda tingly. It's like totally awesome!!! Like those girls are so cool and like that guy looks weird but then yer like omg he is like so hot. So the show was incredible but then I thought about my Dad cuz he liked killed somebody or himself. Dad always said he loved my step mom but he was never nice to her. Where am I? Since I was a teenager I always used to take out out the dogs and he always encouraged that and once we found a bunny and the next day I had a carrot and we saved it. Our german shepherd was so smart. I live by myself. My landlord said I don't have to pay rent this month but I was trying to write some good news to my therapist and I actually paid my landlord in full. But it's all thanks to the new YUCK album!"     
    POLVO "Siberia" (Merge - MRG 410) LP   (UPC: 673855041018 - LPPOLVOSibe)
    POLVO "Siberia" (Merge - MRG 410) CD   (UPC: 673855041025 - CDPOLVOSibe)
                                        ***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! During their initial run from 1990-1998, POLVO crafted a sound so fantastically obstinate and so perfectly cockeyed that its DNA is essentially resistant to mediocrity or repetition. On Siberia, that sound feels more limber and more aerodynamic than ever. Its songs glide and bob like UFOs, both serene and unsettling. Some of that is owed to a looser approach. "Preparing for In Prism, we labored over that material pretty intensively," explains founding guitarist ASH BOWIE. "A lot of the songs on this album were not rehearsed much at all. I'd like to think this album has a few more adventurous moments." One of those is the spiraling "Blues Is Loss," which moves from a dense knot of sound-an impossible tangle of Bowie's and DAVE BRYLAWSKI's guitars, STEVE POPSON's chugging bass, and BRIAN QUAST's tumbling percussion-to a conclusion that clangs and peals like church bells. There are the classic-sounding moments, too, like terrifically herky-jerk album opener "Total Immersion," which is grounded in surging bass and a pair of surgically focused guitar lines. An obvious point of comparison would be to Today's Active Lifestyles, released-perhaps not coincidentally-exactly 20 years ago. Where that album thrived on a nervous, coiled energy, Siberia feels more surefooted, more poised and controlled. It's the work of a band that's been here before, but the experience has only made them more at ease. Siberia is a record that's humming with confidence, the sound of a band with nothing to prove, but proving it anyway. No Export.
    OF MONTREAL "Lousy with Sylvianbriar" (Polyvinyl - PRC-268) CD   (UPC: 644110026828 - CDOF MOLous)     
    OF MONTREAL "Lousy with Sylvianbriar" (Polyvinyl - PRC-268) LP  (UPC: 644110026811 - LPOF MOLous)         
                                        (STREET DATE - 10/08/2013) ***The genius of Lousy with Sylvianbriar is that it was created on a 24-track tape machine without the crutch of computer aided pitch correction, effects plug-ins and editing capabilities. With no computer tricks to fall back on, KEVIN BARNES and the band recorded most of the songs live in the same room together. "I wanted the process to be more in line with the way people used to make albums in the late 60s and early 70s," reveals Barnes. "I wanted the songs to be more lyric-driven, and for the instrumental arrangements to be understated and uncluttered. LP pressed on 180-gram pink vinyl. Includes a download.
    VOX POPULI! "Half Dead Ganja Music" (Pacific City Sound Visions - PCSV 020) LP   (LPVOX Phalf)                             
                                        ***This Half Dead cassette turned LP from 1987 sounds like a band improvising an exotic musique concrete Voodoo Ritual in the Catacombs below, and above,  EARTH. VOX POPULI!, a super unique French band with ties to HNAS, PACIFIC 231(who plays on the record), DDAA, etc, have been one of the most undiscovered visionaries of the Euro experimental-industrial wave of the Mid to Late '80s. Remastered from the original tapes, this long sought after and rare tape is now turned up for vinyl release. Half Dead Ganja Music exists as a rare artifact of a timeless endeavor to create a feeling, through self-less creativity, of a limbo realm between physical earth realities and the mystical realm that is paralleled in our emerging beings. This is Occult music without pretension, but with effortless release to the juxtaposition of human and non-human senses. Pacific City Sound VIsions is stoked beyond belief to expose this unbelievably unique vision back into the world.                    
    LORELLE MEETS THE OBSOLETE "Live In Mexico City" (Captcha Records - HBSP-2X 048) 12"  (LPLORELLive)                         
                                        ***The Mexican duo, LORELLE MEETS THE OBSOLETE will be burning their way through a heady mix of shoegaze and psychedelia on this limited edition 12".  Recorded live in Mexico City in 2012, this EP debuts new tracks from the bands upcoming LP, Chambers. Limited edition tour EP.
    TEENANGER "Singles Don't Sell" (Southpaw - SPR 039) LP   (LPTEENASing)
                                        ***TEENANGER has been on our radar for the past few years, especially after their incredible second LP and a killer music video for the single "Bank Account." Fans of early Joy Division and Wire will not be disappointed.
    SWARM (AKA KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD) "Parasitic Skies" (No Idea - NIR 063) LP   (LPSWARMPara)                   
                                        ***REISSUED ON 12-INCH VINYL LP!!! The antidote to your ever-growing wuss lifestyle as members of LEFT FOR DEAD, ACRID and GRADE team-up to slay you most brutally with nine songs of crunch-ridden super-gnarl. Screaming vocals, massive guitars and fully-blenderized rhythms. Heavy as shit. Pressed on colored vinyl with download. Includes three tracks not included on the original 10-inch release. Download includes three more songs originally hidden at the end of the CD version.                      
                                        ***"Bands are like romances: when you first get together you don't know if it will last years or just one night. What seems like a great prospect may prove to be a total disaster, and what begins as a messy mistake may end up with a mortgage and kids.That was the scene in the summer of '97 when I called up PADDY to see if he'd be interested in starting something new. A mutual fondness had developed between us on trips I'd done with his band, DILLINGER FOUR. I'd roadied for them and played in a band they were touring with. But Paddy and I hadn't made music together-yet. CLEVELAND BOUND DEATH SENTENCE was plagued by annoying tags like 'recording project' or 'supergroup' right out the gate. Sure, all the members carried baggage as well as influences from the people we'd been with before (among them: PINHEAD GUNPOWDER, OSWALD ARMAGEDDON, SALTEENS). But why dwell in the past-or predict what might come from a fresh start? CBDS began organically, with songs and friends, like everything good does, and we took it from there. Paddy was borrowed and I was blue, so we brought in SPITBALL (old) and EMILY (new). The songs were the same mix: some that had been kicking around for years and others we pulled out of thin air. We sweated and screamed every night in the basement, and Spitball recorded it all on his broken 8-track. When we were done, THD Records offered to release the results as a 7". We split up and went our separate ways, but the next spring we were making noise again, and THD released a second EP.What it might have led to, I can't say. Perhaps our passion was spent, or maybe another reunion was imminent. Before we had a chance, Spitball was sent up the river on a Federal drug charge. Calling his studio 'the Methlab' might have been a bad idea after all. He's been in prison ever since-eleven years! Lookout Records released a posthumous Cleveland Bound Death Sentence CD, but it soon went out of print, as did the original 7"s. Now finally the band's complete recordings will be available again- on vinyl, and on No Idea, where they belong. Hopefully in a few years CBDS will be playing again. In the meantime, Spitball sits in the pen with a radio tuned to the college station a hundred miles away. Every once in a while a familiar song comes on. 'Hey guys,' he says, 'that's my band!' Thanks for listening." -Aaron Cometbus. LP includes a nice 20-page booklet + download code!                
    HUMAN PARTS "Human Parts" (Thick Air - TA 001) LP   (lphumanpart)         
                                        ***Some people make music because they enjoy it and others do because they have no other choice, but HUMAN PARTS fall into both categories. ANDREW SEWARD originally conceptualized the project during his tenure as the bassist in punk band AGAINST ME! but it wasn't until he left the act earlier this year that he was able to give Human Parts the attention it deserved. Subsequently Andrew was able to focus his energy on his own unfiltered musical vision, one that's only made stronger by the inclusion of his friends, family and co-conspirators. Although Human Parts started in Florida a year and half ago with Seward trying to write and record a song a night when he wasn't on tour, he didn't initially have any intention of releasing these songs. However once he got his wife VERITE SEWARD to start singing last May, the project instantly took on a new life. From there the project organically evolved from a family affair into one that also included longtime friends from the Gainesville music community such as vocalist KIM HELM (WHISKEY & COMPANY), guitarist DAVE KOTINSLEY and Minneapolis transplant ANDY "PANTS" SCHWICH. Human Parts manages to reference punk's past and present while effortlessly implementing elements from other genres the same way the Dead Kennedys did with surf guitar or Subhumans did with progressive rock.  
    v/a "FREE ANGELA" (Secret Stash - SSR LP 30) LP   (UPC: 895826003010 - lpfree ange)                      
                                        ***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! Amidst the socially and politically tumultuous 1960s and 1970s, ANGELA DAVIS emerged as one of the era's most controversial figures. In the early 1970s, her arrest, incarceration, and trial made international headlines and inspired a movement to free her. In April of 2013 Free Angela & All Political Prisoners, an independent film about Davis was released to much critical acclaim. Originally released in 1971, the album Free Angela was sold to raise money for the National United Committee to Free Angela Davis. It was put together by ALEXANDER RANDOLPH-a singer, promoter, and record label owner from Virginia. The first half of the album was recorded in Muscle Shoals, beginning with the title track by LARRY SAUNDERS. On his songs, Saunders' vocals float above and transcend the ethereal backing of the MUSCLE SHOALS RHYTHM SECTION. His voice can be compared to singers like Donny Hathaway and Curtis Mayfield, but Saunders is his own man, with his own style. His work on this album is essential listening in the realm of socially conscious soul music. The second half of the album continues with solid mid-1960s rarities from Randolph's Sound of Soul label. Sound of Soul has long been known to record collectors, with singles routinely fetching hundreds of dollars. Working in coordination with Alexander Randolph, Secret Stash is excited to make available once again this soulful piece of history. Available on CD and vinyl, each contains an insert with detailed liner notes and photos. LP includes a free digital download.
    v/a "LIVE AT CAFFE LENA: MUSIC FROM AMERICA'S LEGENDARY COFFEEHOUSE 1967-2013" (Tompkins Square - TSQ 2967) TRPL.CD   (UPC: 894807002967 - cdcaffelena)               
                                        ***Welcome to Caffe Lena, a small coffeehouse opened by Lena Spencer in 1960. This tiny room in Saratoga Springs, NY has played host to influential artists across diverse genres of music; traditional folk, blues, singer/songwriters, jazz and bluegrass. Luckily, some performances were captured on tape, offering the listener a thrilling seat inside this hallowed venue. This box set, the result of years of investigative work, contains 47 tracks, all released here for the very first time, alongside previously unpublished images. Now the oldest continuously operational folk music coffeehouse in the US, Caffe Lena is still open for business tonight. Come on in! Includes unreleased performances from DAVE VAN RONK, RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT, KATE MCGARRIGLE, RICK DANKO, ANAIS MITCHELL, SLEEPY JOHN ESTES, ARLO GUTHRIE, SARAH LEE GUTHRIE and more.   
    CELLULAR CHAOS "s/t" (ugEXPLODE - UG 63) CD   (UPC: 888174162720 - CDCELLUs/t)
    CELLULAR CHAOS "s/t" (ugEXPLODE - UG 63) LP  (LPCELLUs/t)                    
                                        ***The debut studio full-length from this blisteringly intense New York City based band fusing ballistic rock and roll energy with no wave weirdness and touches of '70s glam and free jazz. Their incendiary live peformances, manic musicianship and futuristically left-of-center songwriting are beginning to garner this group a singular reputation within the contemporary underground music scene. This quartet is the sum of four seemingly disparate parts: Singer and lyricist ADMIRAL GREY possesses a clarion voice which cuts straight through the density of the group's onslaught, delivering her bizarre, hallucinatory visions with animation and articulation. Her chameleonic stage presence and kamikaze physical outbursts make her a riviting focal point in the unit. WEASEL WALTER has been called "...a strong and incisive guitarist who has amalgamated such diverse interests as Robert Quine, Blixa Bargeld, Keiji Haino, and Rudolph Grey into a singular and toothy approach" by Tiny Mix Tapes and his six-string slaughter with CELLULAR CHAOS will not disappoint anyone looking for sonic blood. On this album, CECIL MOSS (now replaced by KELLY MORAN) brings a cultivated primitivity on bass guitar, summoning a minimalist foundation of sedimental fuzz bass riffing, interspersed with savage, atonal skronk. Drummer MARC EDWARDS brings many decades of diverse experience into the mix, furiously slamming away, alternately with bludgeoning crudity and weighty jazz finesse. The net effect is a high-pressure torrent of emotion, exploding with desperation and lashing out at the listener with white-knuckled accuracy and neckcracking momentum. Prepare to get your ass kicked. CD housed in digipaks. LP pressed on clear vinyl in an edition of 250 copies.                                
    CHARITY CHAN/PETER EVANS/TOM BLANCARTE/WEASEL WALTER "Cryptocrystalline" (ugEXPLODE - UG 64) CD   (UPC: 888174187358 - cdchan cryp)
                                        ***High speed modernism prevails on the debut CD by a monstrous quartet featuring heavyweight performances, hurling the art of free jazz improvisation/jazz forward straight into the cosmos. Part of the great appeal of improvised music and free jazz is having the potential opportunity and context to hear musicians push themselves as far as possible musically and/or technically. The volcanic New York City-based quartet of CHARITY CHAN (piano), PETER EVANS (trumpet), TOM BLANCARTE (bass) and WEASEL WALTER (drums) takes full advantage of this situation by pushing themselves to extremes. Extremities of speed, articulation, interplay, dynamics, structure, timbre and counterpoint can be found in this release entitled Cryptocrystalline, recorded live to multitrack digital, in concert at Casa Del Popolo in Montreal, Quebec one night in January 2013. The three lengthy tracks here represent the entire unedited peformance from that evening. The music is action packed while remaining transparent. Furious energy is palpable at all times, but the density of the music often veers radically from pinprick to explosion from moment to moment. The members of the group are very interested in expressing polyphony and counterpoint, eschewing imitation and the need to overtly signify to themselves or the audience that there is "listening" happening. This music is ALL listening, with every second bearing on the next. The interplay is sophisticated and abstract, often reminiscent of modern classical composition at its most rigorous. Possible starting points of comparison for this quartet's language might be artists like the Schlippenbach Trio or Gyorgy Ligeti's more assaultive chamber compositions. Cryptocrystalline is a unified statement incorporating the distinctive personal languages of these musicians.                                                                     
    MOTORPSYCHO + JAGA JAZZIST HORNS "In The Fishtank 10" (Fishtank - FISH 010) LP   (UPC: 718752038416 LPMOTORIn T)
                                        ***REISSUED ON VINYL FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! In the Summer of 2002, crammed in-between boring press-days and exciting festivals in Holland & Belgium, MOTORPSYCHO & the horn section of fellow Norwegians JAGA JAZZIST, with whom they had done some experimental shows on jazz festivals, came together to record. What came out is a stunning cocktail of Stax Soul, John Coltrane and obviously, Pharaoh Sanders. Motorpsycho's recent funkiness blends in perfectly with the mesmerizing quality of most of the material and, as always, you can rely on these guys to give an excellent performance. No Export to Europe or the UK.             
    PROCTORS "Everlasting Light" (Shelflife - LIFE 092) LP   (UPC: 766897399923 - LPPROCTEver)   
                                        ***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! Everlasting Light is destined to become an absolute guitar pop classic. The album is coated in sunbathed jangly guitars, incredibly catchy choruses, and GAVIN and MARGARET's lovely wispy boy-girl vocals. The band uses their '90s indie pop roots to their advantage while mixing in just enough '60s paisley-tinted sounds to create an album that would have fit at home in the early days of Sarah Records. Their Byrds-esque melodic guitar lines create a love affair with each listen. Special guest star TERRY BICKERS (HOUSE OF LOVE) contributed guitar to some tracks. The album was produced by The Proctors and IAN CATT (Saint Etienne. LP includes a download.                        
    THE SOFT "Uncanny Valley" (Ceremony - CER 012) 12"   (UPC: 61689215624 - lpsoft unca)
                                        ***Suffolk, UK production trio THE SOFT are uncanny shape shifters. Where a track might start at pop it quickly changes to a 4x4 beat or wander off into some future based ambience-best exemplified by the stark contrast between tracks "Mori" abd the four tracks that make up The Soft's label debut Uncanny Valley EP. Perfectly suited for headphone listening or the dance floor, The Soft elegantly bend the confines of a given genre in order to have the ability to jump from place to place without missing a step. And therein lies the trick or even the prestige-there are layers here laid one on top of the other triggered to change upon a predisposed mood and/or setting.                            
    SCREATURE "s/t" (Ethel Scull - ESR 036) LP   (LPSCREAs/t)
                                        ***BACK IN STOCK!!! SCREATURE lumbers along its own shadowy path, sounding like no one else-a chimera stitched together from post-punk, '67-era garage psych and early goth. Themes of the paranormal and life gone seriously awry permeate the songs. There are no happy endings-just endings. Formed by four friends in the summer of 2011, Screature is a dark psych band based in Sacramento, California. Screature's self-titled debut was recorded and mixed by CHRIS WOODHOUSE at the Hangar Studios in November 2012.  The LP is self released on the band's own imprint, Ethel Scull Records. Screature is LIZ on vocals, MIRANDA on drums, SARAH on organ, and CHRISTOPHER on guitar. Named the Feel Bad Record of the Year by Sacramento News & Review. "Screature manages to be darkly alluring without being sexy, and its many moments of alt rock ambidextrousness do not come off as either prententions or timeworn. Screature is the type of band that rock critics like to see, and hopefully, music fans will give the moonlight mile called Screature a taste-it's certainly worth it."-In Your Speakers                           
    G*PARK "Sub" (23five - 23FIVE 018) DBL.CD   (UPC: 801673901829 - CDG PARSub)
                                        ***MARC ZEIER's first major album since the cryptic electro-acoustic Reuters (Tochnit Aleph 2008) is a sprawling masterpiece of modern day musique concrete, reflecting the early pioneers' use of razor cut tape with a grandiose revelation of an existential horror. Zeier describes is as a manifestation of amorphous conditions that lead to (or interfere with) representational forms or states of being. For every malignant drone and turgid thrum, Zeier punctures fluttering, frozen methane surfaces with jagged incisions, pneumatic hammerings, and decompressed gasps. This fragmented punctuation is a signature to the G*PARK aesthetic, used effectively in mapping clinical situations turned septic. The exact nature of the sound object is informed more by a shadowy deconstruction than by a direct representation, thrust into an absurd existence as an abomination, a violation, a monster.       
    PSYCHIC RALLY "Transmissions 104.5" (Blossoming Noise - BN 061) 10xCD   (cdpsych1045)
                                        ***New forms of radio techniques, wild cut-ups, sound recycling and sound manipulation, live-in-studio noise, and thematic sessions excerpted from the monthly radio show hosted by JOKE LANZ (SUDDEN INFANT) and RUDLOF EB.ER (RUNZELSTIRN & GURGLESTOCK)   between 1989 and 1995 on Radio LORA in Zurich. Custom letterpress printed box, individually numbered with text and photo pamphlet.         
    GX JUPITTER-LARSEN "Empty Holes, Empty Homes" (Blossoming Noise - BN 060) BOOK   (MGJUPITEmpt)                                  
                                        ***Sixth book from the most popular HATER is an amathopaedia of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and cryptograms, printed and perfect bound using traditional offset methods with recycled inks and fine recycled papers. Edition of 400. Includes a bonus Flexi Disc.
    WATARU KASAHARA/ KIYOHARU KUWAYAMA / LUDO MICH "Les Archives de l'Univers Amnesique Illustre" (Discombobulated - LPKASAHLES) LP   (LPKASAHLes)
                                        ***This new pairing of minds and techniques on a steel-grey voyage across the treacherous Ifingr river is a brief, slo-mo moment of calm, the drunken grasp for a banister before the crash of brittle chin on concrete steps. Recurring metallic hisses are overlaid with saw-tooth waves sourced from MP3s buried in the garden over a harsh winter. When the ducks loosen phlegm they shit silver dollars. Presently contact mics are attached to submarine hulls somewhere in an undersea canyon and closing the eyes opens up new patterns of pressure-roses blooming red, orange, red. Lethe's master of resonant spaces and junk objects KUWAYAMA holds the reins over three chapters of spiraling horror and madness. Sounds are coaxed out ashamed and blushing: the syphilitic cough, the cracked shin bone and the greasy sheen of night sweats wired up to a nine-volt battery. Embudagonn's mysterious masked man KASAHARA adds stewed tape manipulation with brush strokes that hint at a moody Goya and his bleak Pinturas negras. Specter and godfather to the NorEuro heek-a-freek underground MICH adds an ass-hiss, a stain, a pursed lip smacking to the junkyard rumble. With inserts by each artist. White vinyl. Edition of 200.                                   
    ALICE KEMP "Decay and Persistence" (Fragment Factory - FRAG 28) CDR   (cdkemp deca)
                                        ***A slowly building but eventually violently churning sea of noise by this member of the Lazarus Corporation artists' collective who also baffled speechless audiences with her performance at 2012's Schimpfluch Carnival in Bristol, UK (which is no mean feat). Includes double-sided full color booklet. Edition of 100.                  
    SCHIMPFLUCH GRUPPE "Nigredo" (Fragment Factory - FRAG 29) CASSETTE   (MCSCHIMNigr)
                                        ***Documentation of a live action in Tokyo 2012 by RUDOLF EB.ER and DAVE PHILLIPS (side A), with the prerecorded sounds for said performance on side B-one channel per artist, produced independently. Disturbing and challenging as always.                              
    TAPE OP "Issue # 97 - September / October 2013" (Tape Op - T 97) MAGAZINE   (UPC: 725274952861 - mgtape 97)             
                                        ***Your guide to creative recording returns with features on MARK KNOPFLER, CHUCK AinLAy, DAMIAN TAYLOR (Bjork, Killers, Arcade Fire), JOHN MCBRIDE (Blackbird Studios), JIM ANDERSON, JESSE CANNON, and WES DOOLEY, as well as a feature on recording overseas. All that and recording tips and gear and music reviews.
    AS YOU WERE "Issue # 2 - The Pit" (Silver Sproket - SILVER 049) MAGAZINE  (UPC: 639852104910 - mgasyou2)                     
                                        ***The As You Were series features contributions from comic book and web-comic artists active in punk rock communities from around the world. Curated by MITCH CLEM (Nothing Nice To Say / My Stupid Life), the second issue's theme is "The Pit", with 80 pages of brand new content from 25 artists including Mitch Clem, BEN SNAKEPIT, LIZ PRINCE, RAMSEY "EVERYDAYPANTS" BEYER, RACHEL DUKES, SARAH GRALEY, STEVE LARDER, WILL LAREN, BEN SEARS, and many more.                            
    Seven Inches...
    H.U.N.X. "I Vant To Suck Your Cock" (Wacky Wacko - WW 01) 7"   (07hunxi va)                
                                        ***AVAILABLE AGAIN FOR HALLOWEEN!!! "H.U.N.X. is the new 'dance music' oriented project of SETH BOGART aka HUNX aka ME! I recorded this Halloween song a few years ago w/ my friend NICK WEISS (TEENGIRL FANTASY). Now, finally just in time for Halloween I will release this single that is accompanied by a music video. The B-Side is a cover of 'The Loco-Motion.' A friend was DJing it at a club in NYC and someone asked, 'Is this Kermit The Frog?' Not joking."          
    SABA LOU "Until The End" (Wacky Wacko - WW 02) 7"  (07SABA Unti)     
                                        ***AVAILABLE AGAIN AT A NEW LOWER PRICE!!! "This single was recorded a few years back when SABA LOU was 9 years old. Now she's an old lady at age 11. The songs and written and performed by Saba Lou and her father KING KHAN. I listened to them about a million times after spending time with their family in Berlin and then her dad asked me to release them. Honestly I can't think of something I'd rather start my label with."-Hunx  
    BAD NEWS "(This Is Why We Can't Have) Nice Things" (Sleep Genius - SG 5) 7"   (07bad nthis)   
                                        ***Influenced by the post-industrial Nettwerk/Wax Trax heyday BAD NEWS is the anachronistic heavy industrial duo that pits the spellbound female vocals and guitar of SARAH BERNAT (16 BITCH PILE-UP) against the male synthesizers and drum machines of SF Bay Area noise veteran ALEX S. LUKAS. "(This is Why We Can't Have) Nice Things" bores its way directly into the pleasure center of your brain and attempts to blow it to fucking pieces. It latches onto your subconscious and becomes symbiotic with your fear. You will put the stone in your mouth. Your teeth will break on it! The remixed B-side turns a cold goth shoulder, replacing guitar with the melodic, mechanistic synths of MARC MANNING. Pressed on silver vinyl.                   
    BLACK GOD "Three" (No Idea - NIR 328) 7"   (07BLACKThre)                                  
                                        ***Blitz-rock quartet BLACK GOD leap back into the fray for another collection of two-minute punk rock blasts gloriously pressed onto seven inch vinyl. Since 2011 No Idea and Black God have teamed up each year to release a new six song edition of to-the-point melodic punk/hardcore via the cleverly titled EPs One, Two, and Three. On Three, Black God further refine their sound while carefully preserving its immediacy and the spontaneity from which it initially sprang to life. This Louisville, Kentucky supergroup has created and/or navigated many highlights of the Louisville music scene over the past two decades and with Black God they continue to chart new and exciting roads ahead. Colored vinyl; includes download code!               
    FRANZ NICOLAY "Hearts of Boston" (Sabot Productions - ACT 001) 7"   (07NICOLHear)
                                        ***FRANZ NICOLAY (THE HOLD STEADY, THE WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY,  touring member of AGAINST ME) returns with a new 7-incher. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and featuring custom Accordion-style packaging. Pressed on red vinyl.
    SHAVED CHRIST "Bad Mind" (Bakery Outlet - BAKO 40) 7"   (07SHAVEBad)                        
                                        ***SHAVED CHRIST follow up their self-released tape with six new tracks of explosive, spastic hardcore. From the same session as their contribution to Scavenger of Death's Land Of Nod: Atlanta Punk & Hardcore Omnibus LP, Bad Mind combines the energy of This is Boston Not L.A and weirdness of Fuckheads era Gauze. Recorded by RYAN BELL of Bukkake Boys/GG King featuring the powerhouse rhythm section of AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER-Shaved Christ has a distinctly small town, "what the fuck is this?", slightly-off sound. Aging punks living in Athens, Georgia, still listening to Void, Pick Your King, Discharge, and early NYHC trying to make any sense of this bizarre reality.    
    LUCRATE MILK "Lustiges Tierquartett" (Danger Records - DR 002) 7"   (07LUCRALust)
                                        ***BACK IN STOCK!!! Legit reissue of scarce seven-inch by French DIY weirdos, originally released in 1981 on the Milk label. Snotty stupid, art punk. 

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